Charlie Chaplin's granddaughter has grown up to be gorgeous

Charlie Chaplin wasn't exactly known for having good looks, but his granddaughter has turned out to be a real stunner. The now 30-year-old actor made her big break as Robb Stark's strong and smart wife, Talisa, on Game of Thrones and more recently plays Zilpha Geary on FX's Taboo. Oona Chaplin is a fearless performer and a gorgeous human who comes from Hollywood and literary royalty, so let's learn more about her.

She's extremely well-traveled

According to the Independent, Chaplin was born in Madrid to actor Geraldine Chaplin and Patricio Castilla, a cinematographer from Chile. As a child, she'd spend half the year in Spain and the other half in Switzerland. Her first language is, naturally, Spanish, but she learned French and then English and speaks all three fluently. Because both her parents were in the movie business, she spent a lot of time visiting places like Sri Lanka, Thailand, and other countries. She also spent a fair amount of time in Cuba.

As she told the Independent, "I think that's the way it should be—being from millions of different places and traveling – it's the best education." She did, however, attend Gordonstoun Boarding School in Scotland at the age of fifteen.

She's a dancer

Chaplin tells the Telegraph that her perfect weekend includes "salsa dancing in Vauxhall" in the Cuban salsa room, where she'd stay until 4am. "I've been salsa dancing since I was a toddler," she said. She also took ballet as a kid, but quit after she was told her, uh, behind was too big.

Years later, she appeared on three episodes of Married Single Other as a Brazilian cage dancer, so she got to show off some of her on-point dancing skills. As recently as 2014, Chaplin starred in a Molotov Jukebox video, in which she displayed some sultry dance moves, as well.

She comes from a super famous family

Oona Chaplin's mother, Geraldine, is still a very prolific film star, known for her role in Doctor Zhivago, among other many notable roles. Her father, Patricio Castilla, is a Chilean cinematographer who fell in love with Geraldine when they were both working on a film together. While they got together in the 80's, they just got married in 2006 or so. "They just got married about five years ago, but they've been together for a very long time and they're still in love – like, madly in love," she told Biography. "My dad gave up his career for my mom and became her one-man army. He sews her socks and replaces her t-shirts and writes quick emails and turns on the TV for her, runs her bath, puts the champagne in the freezer, all those things. They are so in love, and it's beautiful to me. I have it as an example, and that's what I aspire to in my life."

Chaplin's maternal grandparents are Oona O'Neill Chaplin, fourth wife of Charlie Chaplin. Grandma Oona was a famous socialite (who actually dumped J.D. Salinger for a much older Chaplin) and Charlie, well, everybody knows who Charlie Chaplin is.

"For me, it's always been a massive inspiration…my mother, my grandfather, my great-grandfather – they are just constant, healthy reminders of what one should strive for, of giving your everything to create lasting work, spreading love," Oona told Biography about her famous family.

She loved being on Game of Thrones

Chaplin was very enthusiastic about her role on Game of Thrones, and she should have been. Not only did she Tweet prodigiously about the show, she was pretty vocal about how fun it was to act alongside (and kiss) co-star Richard Madden.

SPOILER ALERT! Sadly, Talisa died during the infamous Red Wedding in season 3, and we didn't get to see any more of Chaplin. Speaking of seeing more Chaplin, TMZ asked her if she thought people watched Thrones because of the nudity. Ever cheeky and adorable, she replied "I think people can watch porn for that." She also got a best buddy from her time on Thrones. She and Natalia Tena (aka Osha) got very close, as evidenced from numerous Twitter and Instagram photos.

She's generous

Chaplin was active in helping refugees in France's Calais "Jungle," a camp that was cleared in October 2016. Through her work with Help Refugees UK, she helped move the living quarters of the residents to "safe" areas outside of the bulldozing zone. Help Refugees is an organization committed to providing "emergency aid and vital services to those affected by the global refugee crisis." Chaplin protested, along with other stars, to keep the camp open, but the French government wouldn't allow it.

She's not afraid of "Taboo" subjects

Most recently, Chaplin began appearing alongside Tom Hardy in FX's Taboo, a story about a man (Hardy's James Delaney) and a woman (Chaplin's Zilpha Geary) who happen to be half-siblings and love interests. In an interview with Nerdist, Chaplin said, "I think that it comes down to every aspect of our lives. How do you feel about looking into the toilet and looking at your s***? Because we're all full of s—. The show really revels in that, and I love it because of that." Hardy and his father thought up the script, and the younger Hardy is producing and starring in the mini-series. Chaplin calls Hardy a "real hunter for truth." She seems to be like him in that respect.

We have a lot to look forward to with this beautiful, charismatic young actor.