Things you didn't know about Roman Atwood

Even if you aren't familiar with the name Roman Atwood, it's likely that you've seen some of his pranks played out in his YouTube videos that have been shared all over the internet. As one of the biggest YouTube pranksters, Atwood's videos are uniquely hilarious as he's often creating massive turmoil at home and in the streets. Some of his most popular videos are his pranks against his girlfriend, Brittney Smith, in which he has killed their children twice and turned their living room into an enormous ball pit. You've laughed at his shenanigans, but you probably don't know too much about him. Here are a few things you didn't know about Roman Atwood.

He's friends with the guys from Jackass

If you grew up while MTV's Jackass was on air, then it's likely you yourself or someone you knew made their own attempt at creating these over the top stunt videos. Teenagers all over the world were racing through parking lots in shopping carts and pranking their families while a video camera caught it all on tape. (This was before iPhones when phone calls, videos, and photographs were created with three different devices.) Birthed from the Jackass era were several YouTube pranksters, including Atwood who mentions the Jackass crew in many of his videos.

What makes Atwood so personable is that he not only has a prank YouTube page, but he also has a vlog page on which he gives his fans insight into his day-to-day life as well as shows them some behind the scenes clips from his pranks. Members of the Jackass crew have appeared on both of his channels including Steve-O, Johnny Knoxville, and Bam Margera. Nothing like becoming so successful that you get to hang out with those who've inspired you!

He's friends with Howie Mandel

Notorious television host Howie Mandel might have regretted ever befriending Atwood back in 2015 when Mandel became the victim of one of his epic pranks. Atwood's notorious toilet paper prank included 4,000 rolls of toilet paper according to USA Today, and some help from his friends as they completely covered Mandel's house. By the time they're done, you literally can't see the poor man's house anymore. His reaction when he pulls up, meanwhile, is far from laughter.

In Atwood's behind the scenes video, you can really see how much work went into the prank and how even more work went into the clean up. Atwood even got Mandel's family in on the joke saying, "To be honest I wanted to do a very big toilet paper prank. Being a friend of the Mandels I was able to talk his son Alex into getting me in the (gated) community and he was also able to talk his mother (Howie's wife) into playing along … He's also a legendary prankster and it's always good to prank a prankster." Sounds like Mandel might have had this one coming!

He has his own clothing line

If you're a fan of Atwood's then you know his slogan for all of his work is "Smile More," something most of us need to do. The slogan has become part of his brand and he now has his own clothing line in which fans can buy t-shirt, hoodies, hats and more with his logo on them. They even sell "Smile More" party balloons and cups for anyone looking to host a YouTube-themed fiesta.

In an interview with Columbus Live, Atwood spoke about how important it is for him to make people laugh and how that led to his clothing line. The prankster said, "When a person I prank in a video finds out it's a prank and starts laughing, that is the best feeling in the world. I'm a pretty goofy guy and I just want to make people smile. In fact, I started a clothing line called 'Smile More' because that is what people need to do." Can't blame the guy for trying to make the world a happier place!

He appeared in a major motion picture

Alongside popular YouTube pranksters Vitaly Z and Dennis Roady, Atwood wrote, directed, and produced the film Natural Born Pranksters. The trio made history as the first YouTubers to take their art to the big screen; however critics didn't find the film humorous or even very entertaining. The Peoples Movies called the pranks in this film "stupid" and "criminally unoriginal." Ouch! Rotten Tomatoes didn't bother to rate this film, but IMDb viewers give it a rating of only 3.7 out of 10 stars.

In an interview with ABC News, Atwood and his partners in the film discussed the challenges they faced creating a film saying, "Legal was really tough to get through it. It wasn't like YouTube where we just go out and do our thing, but with the movie, it had so many legalities and approvals and budgets." 

Unfortunately, reports surfaced around the film's release that most of the pranks in the movie were actually fake. It seems that Vitaly Z had loose lips at a huge bash he threw for his birthday, in which he was understandably drinking. He allegedly told some people that 80 percent of the pranks shown in the film were faked, something that was a huge disappointment for fans.

He worked in a rope factory for years

Atwood's father started a rope factory, which Atwood found himself working in for 12 years straight out of high school. After graduating by the skin of his teeth, the now-well-known prankster spoke on The Rizzuto Show about how he had few career options, which left him stuck in the family business. Atwood even admitted to being so miserable at his job that toward the end he couldn't make it through an entire day without breaking down and crying. Having been creating videos on the side, he quit his job as soon as he noticed that he was getting some attention from viewers.

While many might think his family would be furious over his decision, Atwood revealed to Columbus Live that parents reacted quite differently, saying, "Once my videos started getting traction my parents encouraged me to take the plunge and quit my job. They are the two most supportive people in the world. My mom checks out all my videos and will call me whenever one of them goes viral. In fact, she just called me today about my 'cheating' prank video that backfired, and told me it was on the front page of Yahoo News." Atwood also praises his father on The Rizzuto Show, giving him credit for his prankster ways.

His first prank was the cooler prank

Atwood actually started out on YouTube posting sketch comedy videos, and only decided to create prank videos after his first two pranks got him a ton of attention. His first prank video shows him and a friend running around with an empty cooler, the kind you see being dumped over a coach's head at major sporting events. The video captures the reactions of people on the street as Atwood pretends to douse them with the cooler's contents, and what they say after they realize it's empty. Not exactly comedic gold, but his audience loved it and he was ecstatic to get a few thousand views.

His second prank was the "purse prank," which he described on The Rizzuto Show as a purse left on the side of the street that was attached to a string. So when someone stopped their car to snatch the bag, Atwood would pull on the string and hilarity would ensue. Unfortunately, one of the families who was caught in the prank was unhappy about how they were portrayed and threatened to sue. The video ended up being taken off YouTube at 700,000 views, his most viewed video at the time. He decided to go back to sketch videos, but his followers insisted that he continue pranking and so Atwood says he was pushed into prank videos.

The turning point of his career was after posting a video of peeing near cops

While Atwood's YouTube channel continued to grow as he posted his pranks, it wasn't until he posted one specific video that his channel blew up and he gained a ton of subscribers. Created with fellow prankster Roady, the video shows him using a water bottle to create the illusion that he's peeing in public. Of course, this is done right in front of a cop or two, and the reactions are hilarious.

In his interview with Columbus Live, Atwood gives this video credit for the turning point of his career. This prank more than tripled his subscribers. Atwood revealed, "On that video alone we got, like, 2 million views in a week. That cop video sky-rocketed us from 40,000 subscribers to 180,000." So you never know what will lead to your big break!

He makes a ton of money

As explained in this article on Naibuzz, YouTubers make their money through advertising. They get a cut of the money paid for the ad that appears before a video if the viewer doesn't skip the ad or have an ad blocker set up. It ends up being between $2 and $5 for every 1,000 views, which might not sound like much but can seriously add up when you've got as many subscribers as he does. Naibuzz estimates that Atwood earns around $550 per day for his pranking channel, which comes out to $200,000 per year. Not bad, right? Well, he actually makes a ton more on his vlogging channel, per Nailbuzz's estimates.

His vlog has a ridiculous five million hits per day, earning him around $9,000 dollars for a day's work. Atwood posts a new video to his blog nearly every day, earning him a salary of over $3 million a year. Aside from his YouTube channels, he also has other projects going on making his net worth $20 million. Not too shabby.

He was married before

Atwood got married at just 18 years old to Shanna Riley, a woman he was with for eight years and the mother of his first child, Noah. The couple split in 2008 after Atwood found out his wife had not only cheated on him, but cheated with an extra from a music video he had shot for a local band. It seems that after the music video was shot they threw a huge party in which this dude who slept with his wife took a dump on Atwood's driveway before drunkenly passing out.

Even though Atwood found this hilarious at the time, it was a year later that he found out that same guy was sleeping with his wife. In proper prankster fashion, he created a hilarious video speaking about his now ex-wife using actual video clips from a previous sketch or music video they had made together. Atwood understandably deleted the video from his channel as it doesn't represent his best work, but luckily for us a fan had made a copy and uploaded it on their own page. The two had a dispute over whether or not their son Noah should appear in Atwood's vlogs, an issue that was taken to court and later resolved in Atwood's favor.

His pranking ways got him a free car

If Atwood's ball pit prank video looks familiar, it might be because it was featured in a 2015 Super Bowl Nissan commercial that aimed to celebrate dads and their relationships with their children through short films. Atwood and his kids were featured in one of these commercials that showed him turning the first floor of his home into an enormous ball pit while his girlfriend was gone for the day.

The prank included a fully functioning trampoline in their living room as well, just in case anyone felt the need to jump off their second story landing. Needless to say, his girlfriend Smith was stunned when she opened their door to her home and hundreds of plastic play balls came tumbling out. Atwood was then gifted a brand new Nissan GTR from his "team" as seen in his video blog, likely an advertising stunt designed by the company and just one of the many gifts he receives from brands looking for advertising.