Celebs who can't stand Meghan Markle

The moment the world learned that Prince Harry, sixth in line to the British throne, was dating American actress Meghan Markle, the former star of Suits, the lucky lady was met with a wave of support — and also boatloads of nasty criticism. 

When Meghan and Harry announced their engagement in November 2017, the actress faced even more negativity. Shockingly, some of the darkest shade was cast not by anonymous online trolls, but by Markle's own family and by fellow celebrities. Meghan and Harry's star-studded wedding went off without a hitch — despite plenty of drama seen and unseen — and they're now known as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex till death do them part. But as the newlyweds ride off in their horse-drawn carriage (and an electric-powered Jaguar E-Type Concept Zero,) there are still some haters who are just gonna hate. From fellow British royal types like Kate and Pippa Middleton to snarky talk show hosts such as Wendy Williams, these are the celebs who allegedly can't stand Meghan Markle, aka her royal highness.

Wendy Williams called Meghan Markle a 'random princess'

Talk show host Wendy Williams is clearly not a fan of Meghan Markle. In December 2017, the brass talk show host told her audience that she thinks Markle is "a bit of a wild card, you know, because she goes from being the Deal or No Deal girl. So this is a girl looking for game." Williams said she had her own brush with Markle when she "came here to Wendy to find out what she could do here." She added, "She's been here, she's been in our building, we have her DNA."

A few months later, in February 2018, the topic of Markle came up again while Williams was interviewing 90210 star AnnaLynne McCord. After asking the actress about Markle's small cameo on the 90210 reboot, she couldn't resist throwing more shade, calling Prince Harry's true love a "random princess."

It seems that Williams' dislike runs deep. Back in November 2016, when it was first revealed that Markle was dating Prince Harry, the host predicted a breakup. "There's way too much drama with her and this will not work out," Williams said. "It's not her. It's gonna be the family. The family's gonna mess it up."

Piers Morgan says he was ghosted by Meghan Markle

British journalist Piers Morgan has always been known to make headlines, and he did just that when he accused Markle of ghosting him. On a February 2018 episode of ITV's Loose Women, Morgan claimed he was friends with Markle before she met her royal beau. "I was on Twitter one day, and I love Suits, the show she was [on] in America," he said. "So I follow four of the stars of Suits, including Meghan Markle, and within ten seconds, she immediately direct messaged me, saying, 'I'm a massive fan of yours, this is great.'"

Some email exchanges apparently followed, and the pair eventually met at Wimbledon. "I said, 'Do you fancy a drink? Come to my local pub,'" he recalled. "And there we are, 90 minutes, just me and Meghan, great buddies." That supposed friendship was short-lived. "Next thing I know, silence. Off the radar," he said.

Fast forward to March 2018, and Morgan was talking about Markle yet again, this time on Good Morning Britain. He criticized the couple's choice to have an organic lemon and elderflower cake on their big day instead of following royal tradition with a fruit cake. "Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are creating scandal and sensation by going their own way," he proclaimed. "To me, when you get married, you don't muck around. You stick to tradition and have a fruit cake."

Katie Hopkins ripped Meghan Markle to shreds

No one has been quite as scathing in their commentary of Meghan Markle as British media personality Katie Hopkins. In November 2016, the reality TV star-turned-Daily Mail reporter penned an entire article bashing the "shy-and-retiring, Instagram-addicted Meghan."

Dubbing her an "American Kate Middleton," Hopkins didn't hold back. "Given she used to work as a 'freelance calligrapher' (which basically means she can write with a pen) her fortunes have taken off faster than Tim Peake on his way to the International Space Station." She also ripped apart Prince Harry's plea for the media to respect Markle's privacy, writing, "If you don't want Miss Sparkle trolled on social media, advise her to stay away from posting pictures of bananas spooning on her Instagram account." She added, "If Meghan  a woman who acts, and does PR for a living — doesn't understand that then, dare I suggest, maybe she isn't suitable girlfriend material, let alone a potential bride?" Yikes.

The cattiness hasn't cooled off. In February 2018, Hopkins took to Twitter to call Markle "a budget Princess Di with an Oscar winning innocent face." Just to be clear: Markle hasn't won an Oscar.  

Chrissie Swan thinks Meghan Markle is faking it

Chrissie Swan may not be a household name in North America, but the Australian TV personality and author has been one of Markle's harshest critics. Taking to Facebook (via New Idea), Swan confessed: "For some reason, I still haven't warmed to her." She explained, "It's her manner. She looks like she's performing. To me she looks like she's portraying a concocted humility. Acting." 

According to New Idea, Swan received quite a bit of support from fans who admitted that they felt the same way about the American actress. As one follower noted, "I have reservations too. I'm not sure she loves the man as much as the role." Another added, "OMG I totally agree. A bit fake." But not everyone was on board with Swan's criticism. The Aussie star also faced her fair share of backlash and was even labeled a "bully."

Princess Eugenie had to reschedule her wedding

A second royal family feud is supposedly brewing between Meghan Markle and Princess Eugenie, who was reportedly forced to delay her wedding because of the actress' ceremony. According to the Daily Mail, Princess Eugenie and her beau, Jack Brooksbank, who have been together for seven years, were originally planning to tie the knot in September 2018, but their ceremony was supposedly pushed to October 2018 because newlyweds Markle and Prince Harry's foreign press tour in September and unable to attend.

Brooksbank's grandmother, Joanna Newton, told the Daily Mail, "I do know that they're now not going to get married in September... [The Royal family] have got something else going on then I think so they couldn't. So [Jack] just said that if they can't get married in September they will have to get married in October.'"

What's more, Princess Eugenie has kept a close friendship with a number of Prince Harry's exes, including Cressida Bonas and Chelsy Davy, and plans to invite them to the wedding, reported the Express. 

Markle's siblings think she's obsessed with 'social climbing'

Meghan Markle has has two older half-siblings — Thomas Markle Jr. and Samantha Grant — from her father's side. While no one had heard of them before, the pair catapulted into the spotlight simply for being related to Markle, and they've kept themselves there by stirring up quite a bit of controversy.

Grant told The Sun that Markle's "behavior is certainly not befitting of a Royal Family member." She accused the actress of "social climbing," claiming, "Hollywood has changed her. I think her ambition is to become a princess." Grant also planned to release a tell-all book, which she initially wanted to call The Diary of Princess Pushy's Sister. She has since chosen to change the title due to backlash.

As for Thomas Jr, he claims Markle's attitude toward him has been "a slap in the face." He told InTouch that he'd asked Markle for help dealing with his newfound fame. "My lawyer had a phone meeting with her lawyer, and he emailed me some of [Meghan's] direct words," Thomas Jr. alleged. "She said, 'That's distant family and I don't know those people.' That's pretty harsh. I spent a lot of time with her growing up."

Meghan Markle's ex-husband can 'barely contain his anger'

A brand new book from royal biographer Andrew Morton, who penned Princess Diana's biography in 1992, is making waves with allegations that Meghan Markle was ruthless when it came to ending her first marriage to producer Trevor Engelson.

In Meghan: A Hollywood Princess, Morton writes that "Trevor went from cherishing Meghan to, as one friend observed, 'feeling like he was a piece of something stuck to the bottom of her shoe.'" It was 2013 and the couple had been married for two years when, all of a sudden, Markle, who was living in Toronto at the time, filming Suits, "sent her wedding and engagement rings back to Trevor by registered post," allegedly "out of the blue."

According to the author, Engelson can "barely contain his anger," even after all these years, and although he has yet to speak out publicly on the matter, he's reportedly producing a comedy show for Fox that sounds like it may be his way of passive aggressively airing a whole lot of dirty laundry. "Divorce is hard," the show's description reads. "Sharing custody is harder. Sharing custody with the British Royal family when your wife marries a prince, in the unforgiving spotlight of London's tabloid media, is next level."

Prince Andrew allegedly gave Markle a 'cold reception'

After getting engaged to her Prince Charming in November 2017, Meghan Markle was invited to meet various members of the royal family over the holidays. Rumor has it, not everyone was a fan of the bride-to-be. According to ExpressQueen Elizabeth II's husband, Prince Philip, reportedly approved of Prince Harry's fiancée, as did the reigning monarch, who has since given her formal blessing to the couple with an official letter. But their second oldest son, Prince Andrew, may not share those rosy feelings. 

The outlet reported that the Duke of York "displayed a noticeable dislike of Meghan compared to the rest of the royals" during a Christmas shindig at Sandringham House. "Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice got on fantastically well with Meghan," an insider said. "It was all fine with Prince Edward, Duke of Wessex and his family, [but] she had a cold reception from the Duke of York."

Kate Hawkesby thinks Meghan Markle 'feels fake'

New Zealand-based radio personality Kate Hawkesby, who currently hosts Early Edition on Newstalk ZB, is not on board with the newest addition to the royal family. Not at all. "I have a thing about Meghan Markle," she proclaimed in a January 2018 column for the New Zealand Herald. "I don't trust her. It's a theory based on nothing more than gut instinct. Here's the thing — she feels fake. Opportunistic. Like she's there for the wrong reasons."

Breaking down her "evidence," Hawkesby called out the actress for seemingly wanting to change the monarchy's long-standing traditions. "What's the one thing your Mum always tells you when you go into a new relationship?" she asked. "Don't go in believing you can change the person. Meghan? She's going in thinking she can change more than 1000 years of history!" Hawkesby added, "It's the monarchy for goodness sake, not a teenage school project."

The radio star also targeted Markle's blind date with Prince Harry. "She claims she knew nothing of him, and asked no questions other than, 'Is he nice?' WhatEVER," Hawkesby slammed. "Girl, after one collapsed marriage and at age 36, you are asking WAAAAY more stuff."

Jan Moir says Meghan Markle is too 'huggy wuggy'

Outspoken British columnist Jan Moir didn't mince words in a February 2018 Daily Mail column dubbed 'Why does Meghan Markle need to be so huggy wuggy?' Moir said, "I have begun to ask myself, who the heck does Meghan Markle think she is?"

The famed journalist slammed the former Suits star for getting too comfortable too quickly. "It seems far, far too early for Meghan to go into full Diana mode and unfurl any fondly imagined royal superpowers," Moir sniped. "Or to start believing that she can change the lives of troubled citizens merely by bequeathing a megawatt smile and a consolation hug around their luckless shoulders."

Moir accused Markle of slipping into "glutinous actress mode, as if she were rather hammily playing herself in some future episode of TV's The Crown." Her advice? "If only she could dial down the full beam of worried sympathy that strobes from her lovely eyes at every opportunity and give it a rest with the endless Lady Bountiful arm-pats, I think people would like her more... [she] would do well to note that the most successful royals keep their distance and their dignity."

Do Kate and Pippa Middleton want the spotlight back?

The tabloids love a good catfight, especially when it involves family and royalty. After Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's engagement was announced, a number of sources speculated that Markle and Kate Middleton were not getting along. According to the Daily Star, the pair may have been trying to outshine one another in an effort to win Princess Diana's former title, the "People's Princess." Not only had they seldom appeared together at the time, but, as the outlet pointed out, the famous brides are very different. Markle has already broken several royal traditions, while the Duchess of Cambridge has been the perfect poster child of royal life who often channels the late Princess Di in the style department.

According to Life & Style, it may actually be Kate's younger sister, Pippa Middleton, who is none too happy with Markle's arrival on the royal scene, alleging that Kate's new sister-in-law was getting in the way. "[Kate and Pippa] used to do everything together and speak daily," a source dished. "But now that Meghan lives practically under the same roof as Kate at Kensington Palace, the dynamics have changed and Pippa feels shoved out."