Britney Spears Seemingly Just Called Out Her Most Famous Ex

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If there's one thing we know about Britney Spears, it's that she's not afraid to get candid on Instagram. Britney is in a happy relationship with Sam Asghari, but she still takes aim at her exes sometimes.

Britney seemingly called out her most famous ex, Justin Timberlake, in a March 28, 2022 Instagram post. She accused a former boyfriend (and her mom, Lynne Spears) of "using" her, saying she got a "call from Jesus."

Britney wrote that “Jesus” told her, "mom had a serving with her book at the exact time when you needed her most [...] all for WHAT ??? FAME and ATTENTION!!!!" "Jesus" also told Britney, "Your ex did the same thing [...] he served with his first album using your name claiming you did him dirty!!!!"

The album Britney (or rather, Jesus) mentioned is likely Justin Timberlake's "Justified." His smash hit single from that album, "Cry Me A River," is rumored to be about his and Britney's breakup, so perhaps she does feel used over the whole thing, even years later.