Chris Rock's Net Worth

Is A Lot

Higher Than

You'd Think

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Chris Rock may have dropped out of high school and turned down a hosting gig on "The Daily Show," but he's also "consistently one of the highest-paid comedians in the world," according to Celebrity Net Worth. How is he bringing in the big bucks, you ask?
According to Forbes, Rock raked in $42 million in 2009 alone. This is the result of big Hollywood gigs, his No Apologies stand-up tour, an HBO comedy special called "Kill the Messenger," a book contract, and a "lucrative syndication deal" for his comedy series, "Everybody Hates Chris."
When Rock divorced Malaak Compton-Rock in 2016, his former spouse allegedly demanded a huge chunk of her husband's assets, which were sitting at around $70 million at the time. Although the couple did sign a prenup, it had reportedly "expired under a sunset clause," meaning that it became invalid after the marriage reached a certain number of years.