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Everything We Know About Carol Burnett's Children
Burnett’s Marriage
In 1963, Carol Burnett wed her second husband, five-time Emmy Award-winning television producer Joe Hamilton. Sadly, the couple parted ways in 1984.
Together, Burnett and Hamilton had three daughters — Carrie, Jody, and Erin — all of whom inherited their parents' flair for the performing arts as actors, producers, and singers.
Carrie Louise Hamilton
An actor like her mom, Burnett’s oldest daughter Carrie, was most known for her roles in the movies "Shag" and "Tokyo Pop" and the television series "Fame."
Unfortunately, Carrie struggled with addiction. Her issues began around the age of 13, per ABC News, and she spent time in multiple rehabilitation facilities before becoming sober.
Carrie’s Tragic Death
After she became sober at 17, Carrie teamed up with her mother to help promote the first Alcoholics Anonymous in the Soviet Union in the late 1980s.
Tragically, in January 2002, Hamilton died from pneumonia — a complication due to lung cancer that had spread to her brain — at the young age of 38, leaving Burnett heartbroken.
Carol And Carrie
Burnett enjoyed a close relationship with Carrie. Together, the mother-daughter pair penned the stage play "Hollywood Arms," an adaptation of Burnett's memoir.
The play premiered at the Goodman Theater in Chicago in April 2002 and made its Broadway debut later that year — sadly, Carrie never got to see it premiere.
Jody Ann Hamilton
Jody, the middle daughter of Burnett and Hamilton, has produced "Carol Burnett: Show Stoppers," and acted in the movie "Genesis: The Future of Mankind is Woman."
Jody also hosts a podcast called “From the Bunker.” A fierce defender of her late sister, Jody, is known for actively speaking up against Carrie’s ex-boyfriend Ryan Adams’ neglect.