Johnny Depp's Net Worth: How Much Is The Actor Still Worth Today?

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Johnny Depp has had an incredibly successful acting career, but his spending habits and legal war with ex-wife Amber Heard make matters complicated. From "Edward Scissorhands" to "Pirates of the Caribbean" to the present, what is Depp's net worth today?

Depp is worth approximately $150 million, per Celebrity Net Worth, and he was once one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood. According to the same outlet, the handsomely paid Depp earned, "$650 million [...] between 2003 and 2016 alone." The financial discrepancy has a lot to do with his spending habits.

In 2017, Depp was spending $30,000 on wine, $300,000 on a staff of 40, and $200,000 for his private jet... monthly. He also bought a village in France and a chain of islands in the Bahamas, and spent $3 million to blast his friend Hunter S. Thompson's ashes out of a canon, per the deceased writer's request.

Spending aside, Depp's ongoing legal fight with ex-wife Amber Heard has also complicated matters. He was fired from 2020's "Fantastic Beasts 3" over Heard's domestic abuse allegations, but was still paid $16 million, and has since alleged that Heard was the true abuser in their marriage.