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Kat Von D's TransforMation Has Turned So Many Heads

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More horses than cars

Von D described her hometown of Montemorelos, Mexico as "a simple little village located on the outskirts of Monterrey," revealing that her parents moved there from Argentina not long after tying the knot. Her father was a missionary doctor in Montemorelos, which Von D says had more horses than cars then.

Plastic Bucket Baths

"One of my favorite photos from our family album is one of me taking a bath in a plastic bucket," Von D said. The makeup guru shared the photo with her Instagram followers in 2015, showing just how far she’d come, seeing as how she now lives in a mansion with more bathrooms than bedrooms.

Her mother's looks

The TV star has always been in awe of her mom's natural beauty, even lamenting that she doesn't look more like her in a 2014 Instagram post. Von D posted a picture of her mother looking stunning in a white pleated skirt, taken when they were still in Mexico.

Coming to America

Kat Von D described her immigration day in detail during her 2016 PopSugar tell-all. The year was 1988, and "an underlying buzz of excitement" was in the air. "I was six years old, and the seven hour drive that it took to reach the Texas border felt like weeks," she recalled.

Not Speaking English

Being the new kid in school is a daunting experience even when you know the language, but Von D wasn't fazed. Being a foreigner actually made her feel different "in a good way," she said. Some even feel as though her English is better than her Spanish nowadays.