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Steve and Marjorie Harvey smile while posing together on the red carpet.

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Marjorie Harvey's Ex-husband Has A Shady Past
Marjorie Harvey was married and divorced twice before she met her now-husband, Steve Harvey. One of Marjorie’s ex-husbands is Jim Townsend.
Per a 2017 Radar report, Townsend was a major drug dealer who served almost 30 years in prison after he attempted to purchase a considerable amount of cocaine.
Townsend claimed the FBI had proof of his brother and Marjorie’s involvement in his criminal enterprise. "We cut a deal that they wouldn't indict them," he told Radar.
Marjorie owned her own bar at the time, but federal officials shut the business down because they suspected it had been purchased with his ill-gotten wealth.
In an interview with Globe, Townsend said that he and his kids began reconnecting after he got out of prison, but accused Steve Harvey of forbidding Marjorie to talk to him.