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Paul Newman Was Never
The Same After His Son's Tragic Death
Paul Newman was one of the greatest Hollywood legends of his time, but after his son Scott's fatal overdose in 1978 at the age of 28, Paul was never the same.
In his memoir, "Paul Newman: The Extraordinary Life of an Ordinary Man," Paul shared that he believed his son's drinking and drug use were just temporary issues.
Paul said he thought he'd eventually grow out of it, writing, "I kept thinking he
was going through a phase of adolescent bad judgment. I never thought it would be fatal."
He admitted to taking drugs with his son, saying, "If [Scott] smoked pot, I'd smoke it with him too." He also admitted to having dark thoughts about solving his son's struggles.
Paul wrote, "I have gotten down on my knees and asked for Scott's forgiveness," blaming himself for his son's substance abuse and wondering if he could have done anything.
He said he wondered, “Whether the serious problems that [he] eventually had with booze, that Scott suffered so terribly with addiction, might have somehow been partly connected."