Sharon Osbourne's Net Worth Is Higher Than You Think

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Sharon Osbourne has many impressive credits to her name, including tenures on multiple TV shows, managing her husband Ozzy and acts such as Queen, and being the queen herself on MTV'S “The Osbournes. With such a storied career, many fans wonder about Sharon’s net worth.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Sharon Osbourne is worth a whopping $220 million, and has a salary of $5 million. Her total net worth is combined with that of her husband, but there’s no doubt that Sharon earned a lot of it herself, and we have info on how she did it.

In terms of TV, Sharon was reportedly paid almost $12 million for “The Osbournes,” and in 2006, she signed a $2 million contract for “The Sharon Osbourne Show.” In 2017, Sharon also received a £1.7 million payment to be a judge on the original UK version of “The X Factor.”

Sharon also launched the annual music festival Ozzfest in 1996, and by 2007, ticket prices rose to as much as $150, leading the festival to gross over $20 million per year. Sharon could easily retire right now and never work again, but it’s clear that her ambition knows no bounds.