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Will Smith smiling and posing with Jada Pinkett Smith.

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Signs Will Smith And Jada Pinkett Smith's Marriage Was Never Going To Last
Jada's Entanglement
In a July 2010 episode of “Red Table Talk,” Jada Pinkett Smith admitted to having a fling with singer August Alsina, whom she met through her son Jaden Smith.
While talking about her romance with Alsina, Pinkett Smith defined it as an ‘entanglement,’ further admitting, “I just wanted to feel good. It had been so long.”
Unconventional Marriage
Will Smith confessed to having an unconventional marriage with Pinkett Smith, revealing that he and his wife had decided on a non-monogamous relationship.
During an interview with GQ in 2021, Smith also admitted to having sexual relationships outside of his marriage. “Jada never believed in conventional marriage,” he told GQ.
Assaulting Chris Rock
At the 2022 Academy Awards, Smith slapped comedian Chris Rock after he made a joke about Pinkett Smith’s bald haircut which she had to get due to her alopecia.
Three months later, Smith released a YouTube video addressing the incident and apologizing to Rock and his family, as well as Pinkett Smith and his fellow award winners that night.
Will's Onscreen Moments
Many Hollywood stars might cringe at the thought of watching their partners getting intimate with their on-screen love interests, but not Pinkett Smith.
“It’s kind of a nice voyeuristic way to see your man, but I am kind of weird in that way,” Pinkett Smith confessed in a red-carpet interview with Extra.
The Differing Opinions
In 2009, Pinkett Smith opened up about her marriage, revealing that despite their years-long romance, she and Smith often struggled to agree on things.
“We hardly ever agree on anything,” Pinkett Smith told Redbook magazine. Despite their differences though, she defended that being unpredictable fueled their passion.