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Steve Harvey's Second Divorce Cost Him
A Stunning
Amount Of Money
Steve Harvey was on his way to becoming a huge television personality when he married his ex-wife, Mary Lee Harvey, in 1996. Unfortunately, their divorce practically left him broke.
On the podcast "Club Shay Shay," Steve revealed that he had made over $30 million during his "Kings of Comedy" tour but ended up with only $1,700 after his split from Mary in 2005.
Steve also shared that, at the time, someone close to him was taking money out of his bank account, and he later realized he owed the government "seven years of unpaid taxes."
On the other hand, Mary claimed Steve left her with nothing when in fact, she was given three homes, $40,000 per month until March 2009, and an additional $1.5 million.
12 years after their divorce, Mary sued Steve for $60 million, per E! News. In the court documents, Mary stated that their contentious divorce had left her devastated and suicidal.
She had also previously claimed that Steve still owed her $50 million in the divorce settlement. However, according to Entertainment Tonight,
the suit was thrown out.