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Strange Things About Jeff Bezos And Lauren Sanchez's Relationship
The Meeting
According to The Wall Street Journal, Lauren Sánchez’s ex-husband and Hollywood talent agency exec Patrick Whitesell was the one who introduced her to Jeff Bezos.
Bezos and Sánchez’s romance reportedly began to blossom when he hired her to do some aerial photography work for his space technology company, Blue Origin.
The Reveal
As per The Daily Beast and The Wall Street Journal, Sánchez’s brother Michael voluntarily leaked the spicy texts between his sister and Bezos to the Enquirer.
According to the book “Amazon Unbound: Jeff Bezos and the Invention of a Global Empire,” Michael weirdly obtained the texts from his sister, who willingly shared them with him.
The Ex
Sánchez was married to Tony Gonzalez until their split in 2001. However, Sánchez happily welcomed Gonzalez’s new wife October to the family fold with open arms.
When October celebrated her birthday in 2023, Sánchez posted photos of them hanging out together on her Instagram Story. In one snapshot, she wrote, “I love you SO SO much.”
The Texts
As per the National Enquirer, Bezos texted Sánchez about the dreams his ex-wife MacKenzie Scott was having. “MacKenzie dreamt I redecorated the bedroom,” Bezos wrote.
Bezos also admired Sánchez’s knack for giving him excellent business advice. “Your energy and ideas and competence and spirit turn me on,” Bezos texted Sánchez.
Leonardo DiCaprio
In a video that went viral on the platform X, Sánchez was filmed gazing adoringly at Leonardo DiCaprio at the 2021 LACMA Art+Film Gala as he spoke to her and Bezos.
Bezos responded to the tweet with a shirtless photo of himself leaning on a sign that read, “Danger! Steep cliff, Fatal drop,” captioned "Leo, come over here…”
The Boat Art
Bezos’ $500 million superyacht, Koru, features a female figurehead that somewhat resembles Sánchez. However, she told Vogue, “I’m very flattered, but it’s not [me].”
While Bezos didn’t pay tribute to Sánchez by having her likeness placed on the prow of his boat, he did curate a surprise proposal for her on the luxury vessel.