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The Comedian Who Claimed Eddie Murphy Is His Real Dad
Eddie Murphy may be a father of ten children, but when one comedian claimed to be part of the brood, the "Beverly Hills Cop" legend was not impressed.
In 2012, comedian Brando Murphy made an appearance on "Sons of Comedy." It wasn't clear how Brando fit into Eddie Murphy's family, and it
turned out that he didn't.
In 2014, TMZ revealed that Eddie's legal team sent Brando a cease-and-desist, calling him out for changing his last name, seemingly to insinuate that he was Eddie’s son.
As it eventually turned out, Brando's real last name was Robinson-Poitier. "The name Murphy is of Irish descent [...] and not exclusive to Eddie Murphy," Brando had claimed.
To exacerbate the situation, the comedian was also said to have shown up at Eddie's favorite coffee shop, lamenting, "My father won't talk to me!"