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The Disturbing Untold Truth Of Intervention

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The following story contains discussion of death due to drug abuse.


Though the "Johnson Model" method used by "Intervention" is well-known, some experts consider it outdated. Critics suggest that this style of intervention results in a high number of addicted individuals agreeing to enter treatment, but the number of early exits and relapses are also high.

Outdated Methods

An "Intervention" patient named Brandon Jacques was sent to facility called A Sober Way Home, but ASWH said they could not treat him and sent him to center called Morningside. According to a former Morningside employee, the two facilities "were making referrals back and forth," resulting in bonuses for each other.

Hidden agenda

One of the concerns raised about "Intervention" is that participants may be pressured into treatment rather than freely choosing to pursue help. According to several studies, this vital choice could be the difference between relapse and long-term recovery.

Are participants ready?

Drug abuse counselor Dave Malloy told the Daily Beast that "people who die of overdoses [...] were most likely recently in rehab or jail." Attending an all-expenses paid trip to rehab — such as those supplied by "Intervention" — without actually desiring to become sober creates the risk for a fatal relapse.

Relapsing is dangerous

According to the Just Believe Recovery Center, more than 30 people featured on the show have died since their TV appearances, and at least eight former subjects reportedly died from overdoses after appearing on the show. Of the aforementioned eight, seven were supposedly addicted to opioids.

post-show deaths