The One Thing People Always Get Wrong About Chris And Liam Hemsworth

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Famous brothers Chris and Liam Hemsworth have more in common than just being family; there's their knack for acting in big-budget films and their similar overall looks. That's why people often get one big thing wrong when they run into the brothers: They mistake Chris or Liam for the other Hemsworth.

Chris and Liam have great smiles and stunning blue eyes, to name some physical similarities, but you may still think it's hard to mistake one for the other. Chris said that "Now [that] I have a beard" — like Liam — "it happens more," and at his first big movie premier, people rushed right past him and over to his brother, thinking Liam was Chris.

Chris said that he thought Liam would correct the people who rushed over to him, but "he just winked at me and started signing autographs!" Chris and Liam have also stated they have similar personalities, and the third Hemsworth brother, Luke, also shares their good looks, though he's shorter than Liam and Chris.