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The Real Reason Elton John Always Wears Glasses

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Elton John's glasses may be a signature part of his style, but they were actually inspired by another singer. John explained in the book "The Buddy Holly Story" (via The Vintage News) that he "began wearing glasses when [he] was 13 to copy Buddy Holly."

Although John didn't actually need the glasses to help improve his eyesight, he went on to say, "After 18 months, I found I couldn't see without them. If any young fans are thinking of copying me, I'd advise them to forget it!"

If you have ever wanted to wear the kind of glasses in which Elton John looks oh-so-fashionable, you now have that chance. In November 2021, the singer and style icon released Elton John Eyewear, which you can find at both Walmart and Sam's Club.