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The Real Reason Trevor Noah Spent A Week In Jail

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Throughout his time in his native South Africa, comedian and "Daily Show" host Trevor Noah had many run-ins with the police. As told in his memoir, an incident occurred when a teenaged Noah borrowed a car from his stepfather's shop, which was flush with old cars and discarded license plates.

Shortly after Noah took the car, he was pulled over by the police, who did not provide a cause for stopping him. "Cops in South Africa don't give you a reason when they pull you over," he wrote. "Cops pull you over because they're cops and they have the power to pull you over; it's as simple as that."

The police ran the car's plates, and though they did match the registration, the cops still placed Noah under arrest for suspicion of stealing the car. Noah spent a week in jail and tried to conceal the arrest from his mother, but Noah discovered that it was she who hired a lawyer to post his bail.