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The Sad Reason Matthew Perry Refused To Watch Friends

The following story contains a discussion of addiction and death.

Content Warning
“Friends” actor Matthew Perry, who starred as Chandler Bing in the iconic ‘90s sitcom, once confessed he refused to watch reruns of the show due to his struggles with addiction.
During an interview with Tom Power, Perry revealed, “I was taking 55 Vicodin in a day. I weighed 128 pounds [...] I can’t watch the show because I was, like, brutally thin.”
Explaining further, Perry added, “I didn't watch the show [...] because I could go ‘drinking, opiates, drinking, cocaine. ...I could tell season-by-season how I looked.”
Despite eventually achieving sobriety, Perry tragically passed away on October 28, reportedly due to drowning following a cardiac arrest at his Los Angeles home.