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Josh Allen posing with a straight face.

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The Shady Details Surrounding Josh Allen
And Brittany Williams' Split
The Buffalo Bills' starting quarterback, Josh Allen, was in a relationship with Brittany Williams for nearly six years before they split in 2023.
The abrupt nature of Williams and Allen's breakup, along with the absence of statements from either party, has left fans speculating about what may have transpired.
According to Marca, an Instagram gossip account Deux Moi allegedly received a tip that Allen cheated on Williams with a Buffalo-based bartender, getting her pregnant in the process.
However, Deux Moi has since deleted that particular story. There are other versions
of the same gossip story claiming that Allen cheated on Williams with Hailee Steinfeld.
On May 20, a fan commented on William's Instagram, “As a [C]hiefs fan, it'd be really funny if you exposed your ex. We all know he cheated with the actress.”
While Williams liked the comment at the time, she's since removed the like. As of this writing, Allen appears to still be linked to Steinfeld.