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The Stunning Transformation Of Taylor Kinney From Chicago Fire
Kinney’s Childhood
According to Taylor Kinney's conversation with Assignment X, his relationship with his three brothers was good practice for his future role in "Chicago Fire."
"It's just kind of busting each other's balls. You talk s*** and you get into fights and you do all that at a firehouse. It's the same thing," Kinney told the publication.
A Sports Star
Kinney attended Lancaster Mennonite School, and according to the school's stand-in superintendent in 2015, Mr. Miles Yoder, he excelled in volleyball.
Eric Kennel, an alumnus of the school, corroborated Mr. Yoder's revelation. "Taylor was one of our best volleyball players," he told the Daily Mail.
Boxing In College
"My grandfather was a big boxing fan," Kinney revealed in his chat with Assignment X, adding that, as a kid, he'd root for worn-out fighters on television.
The actor eventually took up boxing in college, only to realize how tough it was. "By the end of that third round, you could barely put your hands up," he recollected.
The Acting Bug
In his second year at West Virginia University, where he was a business major, Kinney chose an elective theater course that ignited his passion for acting.
"[It] held my interest outside of the classroom more so than any other subject I'd ever taken," Kinney said in an interview with USA Today.
Time In Hawaii
Kinney delved into surfing, skydiving, and roofing houses — activities that went on for a year — during his exploration phase in Hawaii.
When it came to roofing, the manual labor Kinney performed would eventually make his role on "Chicago Fire" feel easier, as it was equally strenuous.