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The Surprising Job Bella Hadid Had Before She Was Famous

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Before she ruled the runway, supermodel Bella Hadid earned her money like most teenagers do: with a retail or customer service job. Hadid's old job was making acai bowls, and she's proud of it, sharing a few "baby photos" on Instagram that sent fans into a frenzy.

"15 yr old Me @ my first job would have never expected to have achieved what is about to happen tomorrow...I am so grateful!!!!!" Hadid captioned the photos. Her sister Gigi wrote, "U made rlly good bowls ngl," and a fan wrote, "yessss ginger queen ilysm!!", referring to Bella's old hair color.

Hadid does her best to remain grounded despite her quick rise to fame, telling Glamour, "I don't walk down the street like, 'I'm famous.'" She added, "My close friends from high school keep me grounded — they don't care about what I do. I'm still the same person I was".