Brittany Mahomes smiling.

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The Tragic Truth About Brittany Mahomes
In addition to constantly warding off internet critics, Brittany Mahomes — wife of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback, Patrick Mahomes — has faced her fair share of personal struggles.
Losing Her Stepfather
In 2018, Brittany suffered
a tragic loss when her stepfather, Paul Massey, lost consciousness at Arrowhead Stadium following a Chiefs game.
Massey was subsequently rushed to the hospital, where he sadly passed away. “Today is a day I will never forget,” Brittany poignantly wrote on Instagram.
Getting Cyberbullied
In 2022, Brittany got a lot of flak for popping champagne into the stands while celebrating the Chiefs' win against New York's Buffalo Bills.
While some fans simply critiqued Brittany’s actions, others took it a notch higher. “I dare Brittany Mahomes to spray champagne on a Jags fan,” one person tweeted.
Her Son’s Health
In 2023, Patrick and Brittany experienced a harrowing incident when their 8-month-old son, Patrick “Bronze” Lavon Mahomes III, was rushed to the emergency room.
“We took a very scary and frantic trip to the ER yesterday after finding out this guy is highly highly allergic to peanuts,” Brittany wrote on her Instagram Story at the time.
A Scary Experience
In 2020, Brittany took to social media, detailing her encounter with an unhoused man. “He starts beating on my car,” she said in a video shared after the incident.
In the clip, Brittany admitted she drove past a red traffic light as she attempted to escape the homeless man. “I just got so scared out of my mind,” she further revealed.