The Untold Truth Of Kobe Bryant's Wife

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The following story contains discussion of sexual assault and miscarriage.

Content Warning

High school tailspin

News that high school senior Vanessa Bryant was dating her future husband Kobe sent shockwaves through the student body. A television helicopter flew over the school to capture images of the then-high school student and her A-list beau, and Vanessa had to finish her education through homeschooling.

Young, devoted bride

Vanessa was only 18 years old in 2011, the year of her wedding, while Kobe was 22. An insider told People a year later that Vanessa and Kobe were "very close and very devoted to one another," adding that Vanessa got over her fear of flying to travel to attend Kobe's high school jersey retirement ceremony.

Tragic loss

Two years after getting married, Kobe Bryant was accused of sexually assaulting a Colorado hotel employee. Kobe appeared in a now-infamous televised news conference with a visibly defeated Vanessa by his side, and the basketball star blames himself for causing Vanessa to miscarry due to stress.

Special privileges

Vanessa was treated like royalty around the LA Lakers' designated arena, the Staples Center. In an interview, she noted that she had "elite" access to the venue, and was allowed to hang out in the tunnel where teams enter and exit the court, so she could see her husband without having to appear in front of cameras.

Wanted more kids

The Bryants brought four daughters into the world, with their youngest, Capri, arriving in June 2019. Some fans may have assumed the couple was done with having children, but Kobe left the door open for having another in March 2019; he said Vanessa wanted to try for a boy.