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The Untold Truth Of Mohamed And Danielle From 90 Day Fiance

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OG “90 Day Fiancé” couple Danielle and Mohamed Jbali set a precedent for the show with their turbulent engagement and cringe-worthy fights. The two got married before Mohamed’s visa expired, but predictably got divorced later on — here’s a rundown of their relationship.

Mohamed moved from Tunisia to Ohio to be with Danielle, but he found out that she had financial troubles, while he himself lied about having a job. After tying the knot, Mohamed called the cops on his wife for opening an account in his name, destroying his clothes, and stealing his money.

Mohamed left Danielle to move to Miami two months after he got his green card, so Danielle tried to get him kicked out of the country. She attempted to annul their marriage, then went to Miami to threaten Mohamed with deportation to his face, but he convinced her to get a divorce instead.

Danielle also says she paid for the visa process, the wedding, and the divorce, and Mohamed promised to repay her, but never did. She claimed that he "lured" her into a relationship for immigration purposes and sued him for $12,500, but Mohamed stayed in America and settled in Indianapolis with his dog, Bowie.

Mohamed got a full-time job as a truck driver in December 2019, and often posts about his life on the road with Bowie. Meanwhile, Danielle dated someone new after Mohamed and works as a home health aid, but her financial situation is still rocky and once led her to start a GoFundMe.

Shockingly, in April 2020, Danielle said that she and Mohamed have "forgiven each other" and are “building a friendship." Even though Danielle gets a lot of online hate from “90 Day” fans to this day, it seems she and Mohamed have moved past their damage, to which we say, good for them.