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Tragic Details About David Schwimmer
His Childhood
“Friends” actor David Schwimmer revealed that he was bullied and got into physical altercations with his peers in school. “I was nearly expelled,” he told The Guardian.
His parents, both of whom were lawyers, enrolled Schwimmer in the prestigious Beverly High School to curb his troublesome behavior, but he never quite fit in.
Dealing With Racism
In addition to failing to land roles early in his career, Schwimmer shared that he was also discriminated against because of his Jewish descent.
“I definitely felt a class system in place,” he told The Guardian. The actor also revealed to NBC News that he was called a barrage of different slurs.
Early Struggles
Schwimmer had to wait tables for nearly a decade before he made it big into the show business. Luckily, he had colleagues who were kind enough to support his passion.
“The Daily Grill [...] would actually let me go off for auditions,” he shared with Salon, “And because of that I was able to pay the rent for seven years while I was auditioning.”
Grappling With Fame
While Schwimmer reached the pinnacle of success because of “Friends,” he never got around to acclimating to the demands of being in the spotlight.
“The effect of celebrity [...] made me want to hide under a baseball cap and not be seen,” he told The Hollywood Reporter. He also learned how to scare off paparazzi in the process.
The Divorce
Scwimmer split from his ex-wife Zoe Buckman in 2017 after being married for seven years. They share a daughter named Cleo, who they co-parent to this day.
While down on his luck in love, the actor has decided to focus on his daughter. “Being a dad is the highlight of my life... I’m grateful,” he told The Guardian.