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Tragic Real Life Details About Kellie Pickler
A Painful Childhood
With a father in and out of jail and a mother in and out of her life, Kellie Pickler had to fend for herself a lot growing up.
"When I left school, I was clocking into another job. I had other siblings that I was taking care of. I had to learn how to almost be a homemaker in a way," Pickler told The Boot.
Dealing With Depression
In 2008, the singer opened up to People, admitting that she went through a year-long depression after dealing with family issues and heartbreak.
"I was an emotional wreck," Pickler confessed. The "Best Days of Your Life" singer admitted she attempted to take anti-depressants but had trouble with the side effects.
A Criminal Father
Pickler’s father, Clyde Pickler Jr., was convicted for stabbing his neighbor in 2003 and went back to prison in 2007 over larceny charges.
"It's hard for someone to come out of prison with no job, no money, nobody, and I tried to help him ... but it backfired," the singer told People.
Her Father’s Addictions
The country music singer got candid about her father’s struggle with alcoholism and drug addiction in her emotional track "The Letter (to Daddy)."
Despite their tumultuous relationship, Pickler admitted she was proud to see him sober up. "My dad inspired me in so many ways," she told Rolling Stone in 2014.
An Abusive Mother
Pickler’s track "I Wonder" shines a light on the absence of her mother, who abandoned her when she was little — the singer was raised by her grandparents.
In fourth grade, Pickler revealed she told her mom, “‘I'd much rather be dead than live here with you.’ She took a knife out, set it on the counter and said, 'Here, do it then.’”