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Death Of His Father
Bob Barker's father Byron John Barker was a power line foreman. While working on a tower, Byron wore hooks that weren't his size and ended up suffering a fall.
The fall inflicted injury on Byron’s hip. “Eventually it rubbed on his spine and caused his death when he was only forty-one years old,” Bob narrated in a chat with UCLA.
Moving To South Dakota
After Byron’s death — which coincided with the Great Depression — Bob’s mother Matilda Kent Tarleton Barker relocated them to Mission, South Dakota.
Unfortunately, the place was drought-stricken, marred with dust storms, and lacked the most basic amenities including electricity, a sewage system, and medical assistance.
Suffering A Stroke
"I had a minor stroke in 1991. The doctors couldn't explain why," Bob revealed during an appearance on "Larry King Live." He suffered another stroke in 1999.
Medical personnel at the George Washington University Hospital established that Bob had suffered a mini-stroke caused by an obstruction of the carotid artery, located in the neck.
Undergoing Surgery
The game show host underwent a prostate reduction surgery in 2002. “It was interfering with my sleep,” Bob explained in his conversation with Larry King.
Luckily, by the time King was catching up with Bob, he had been given a clean bill of health and was looking forward to playing basketball, and going on a thrilling adventure.
Barker Had A Fall
Bob had a fall in 2015 while taking a stroll around his home. "[I] cut my head all up and cut my knee," the game show host told Entertainment Tonight.
He was taken to the hospital by law enforcement officers who witnessed the incident. Two years later, Bob was back in hospital after he fell in his bathroom, per TMZ.