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Tragic Real Life Details About Willow Smith
Seeing Mom’s Struggles
Willow Smith was influenced by her mom, Jada Pinkett Smith, to become a performer and would watch her perform with her edgy nu metal band, Wicked Wisdom.
She witnessed Jada deal with sexist and racist crowds who would throw bottles. Willow said Jada received pushback from label execs and social media
for being a Black rock singer.
Early Pressure
The single “Whip My Hair” shot Willow to stardom before age 10, but the success came at a burden and put immense pressure to keep working to her detriment.
Willow said it wasn’t conducive for a child, knowing her performance affected other people’s incomes. She experienced a sadness she didn’t know existed and needed a break.
Harsh Father
Willow said her parents, especially dad Will Smith, were hard on her during the “Whip My Hair” phase because they saw she could have a successful career.
When Will wouldn’t listen to her concerns, Willow rebelled by shaving her head at age 11 because she couldn’t perform the song without hair. Will got the message and apologized.
Tough Mother
Willow recalled her mother was tougher on her than her brother, Jaden, whom she coddled. She said Jada turned her away for crying and told her to deal with it herself.
Jada admitted she was tougher on her because the world is harsh for Black women, but the tough love was problematic and didn’t provide Willow with the emotional support she needed.
Willow felt shunned by the Black community because her upbringing was so different from a typical teen, and she was treated like an outsider because of her interests.
Jada was mom-shamed for homeschooling Willow, which led to Willow having uncomfortable conversations with strangers who would say it was her mom’s fault she was “crazy.”