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Valerie Bertinelli Revealed The Rudest Celebrity She's Ever Met

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With more than 45 years in show business, Valerie Bertinelli has crossed paths with a long list of celebrities, but there is one A-lister who apparently snubbed her. During an interview, Bertinelli said that pop-star Christina Aguilera gave her the cold shoulder at a Van Halen concert.
Bertinelli says she went up to Aguilera to say she was a fan and a “beautiful singer,” but allegedly, Aguilera didn’t care too much. “'B***h, I'm a fan,” Bertinelli said in the interview, “You can't be nice to me?”
That also wasn't the first time Bertinelli addressed the incident, as she also mentioned it in a 2008 interview. Additionally, Bertinelli is not a fan of Eric Clapton, saying, “Once a d**k, always a d**k," when he spoke out against COVID-19 protocols.