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Carlos PenaVega hugging and kissing Alexa PenaVega on the cheek.

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Weird Things About Alexa And Carlos PenaVega's Marriage
They Are Inseparable
While it's typical for actors to leave their partners for weeks or even months at a time to film, Alexa and Carlos PenaVega refuse to travel without each other.
While talking to Southern Living in 2020, Alexa said that she and her hubby made a deal to “work together,” adding, “And if we can't then the other one will not take a project.”
Alexa’s Elaborate List
Although Alexa and Carlos seem perfect for each other now, Carlos didn't fit the criteria Alexa was initially looking for in a partner after her divorce.
Alexa had wanted to avoid Latin men, men in the entertainment industry, and men under six feet tall. “Carlos missed all of those marks,” she shared
with Southern Living.
Alexa’s Pregnancy
While speaking with Fit Pregnancy about conceiving, Alexa revealed the idea of bringing new life into the world brought her and Carlos “so much closer.”
She also shared that, “between the puking and exhaustion,” the first two trimesters were hard on her body. “Carlos kept saying, ‘I can't wait for that horny state to kick in.’”
The Intimate Details
No married couple is on the same page when it comes to sex all the time, but according to Alexa, she made doing the deed with Carlos sound like a chore.
During a “Heaven in Your Home” podcast episode, Alexa compared her sex life with Carlos to going to the gym, stating, “Once you start going you're like ‘I have
to go every day.’”
Living Off The Grid
After feeling “jaded” about living in Los Angeles, Alexa told Fox News that she and Carlos decided to leave the city and raise their kids in a more remote area.
Once they made the decision to move to Hawaii, things moved quickly. “We visited Maui [...] We prayed on it and then we moved here three months later,” Carlos shared with People.