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Weird Things About Olivia Culpo & Christian McCaffrey's Relationship
In April, Olivia Culpo and Christian McCaffrey announced their engagement with a romantic Instagram post. However, certain aspects of their relationship are quite odd.
Culpo’s Dream Ring
During TikTok's Amazon Live, Culpo gave a disheartening response when a fan asked her if she had any input in the design of her engagement ring.
“I tried to hint at what [ring] I wanted, and he was just so uninterested,” Culpo said, talking about McCaffrey’s nonchalant attitude prior to their surprise proposal.
Culpo At Coachella
A couple of weeks after Culpo got engaged, the model
was spotted without her engagement ring while
she attended the annual Coachella Music Festival.
While Culpo attended Coachella sans engagement ring, she has been truly excited about her engagement. “It's been a thrill of a lifetime,” she said in an interview with People.
Culpo’s Reservations
Before finding love with McCaffrey, Culpo had a no-athletes dating rule after her sour breakup with former New England Patriots player Danny Amendola.
However, after meeting the 49ers player, Culpo threw out her self-imposed ban. “I feel like he is really everything I could ever ask for,” she told Entertainment Tonight in 2022.
McCaffrey’s Hesitance
Back in 2022, Culpo and her sisters waded into the reality TV sphere with their TLC series “The Culpo Sisters;” however, McCaffery was absent from the show.
“My boyfriend is not in the series [...] just making sure that I respect the fact that he does not want to be on a show like this,” Culpo explained to Ryan Secrest.
Culpo’s Sisters
In an interview with E! News’ “The Rundown,” Culpo’s sisters, Aurora and Sophia admitted to not being involved with McCaffery's surprise engagement plans.
“I didn't know,” Aurora revealed. As for Sophia, she revealed she figured out McCaffrey's plan on her own, explaining, “I was just nosey and figured it out.”