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Jason Sudeikis attends Nickelodeon's 2019 Kid's Choice Awards at Galen Center on March 23, 2019 in Los Angeles, California

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What Everyone Should Know About Jason Sudeikis

Sudeikis’ SNL YEARS

In the late 1990s, Jason Sudeikis decided to seriously pursue comedy, which eventually led him to "Saturday Night Live," where he was initially hired as a writer, and not an actor.
After contributing sketches to “SNL” for two seasons, Sudeikis joined the cast of the show and was a prominent part of “SNL,” until he announced his exit eight years later.

Becoming Ted Lasso

NBC Sports hired Sudeikis to generate a series of commercials to promote English Premier League soccer game broadcasts, which ended up becoming the foundation for “Ted Lasso.”
When "Ted Lasso" won the 2021 Critics Choice Award for Best Comedy Series, Sudeikis thanked his then-partner, Olivia Wilde, "who had the initial idea for [Ted Lasso] as a TV show."

Sudeikis And Lasso

Talking about his earnest and caring character, coach Ted Lasso on Apple TV+, Sudeikis said he "felt like it'd be nice to play someone" different than his usual characters.
"Ted does see the best in people and he really is the best version of myself," Sudeikis said, joking, "He's like me after two beers on an empty stomach."

Sudeikis’ Romantic Links

Sudeikis was in a decade-long relationship with Kay Cannon — a "New Girl" and "30 Rock" writer who also penned the "Pitch Perfect" trilogy and directed "Blockers."
After his divorce from Cannon, Sudeikis started dating and later had two kids with "House" and "TRON: Legacy" star Olivia Wilde; however, it was all over by November 2020.

Sudeikis’ Two Keeleys

Sudeikis and English model and actor Keeley Hazell, who met in 2014 during the shoot of "Horrible Bosses 2," have kept on crossing paths since their first encounter.
Hazell not only popped up on three episodes of "Ted Lasso" as Bex but also inspired the creation of Keeley Jones, a major character portrayed by Juno Temple on the show.