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What Is Ashton Kutcher And Demi Moore's Relationship Like Now?

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Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher split in 2011, and their eight-year marriage was talked about to the very end, due to the couple’s 15-year age gap. Moore is back on the dating scene as of 2021, while Kutcher tied the knot with Mila Kunis in 2015, and fans wonder what Kutcher and Moore’s relationship is like today.

In 2020, Ashton Kutcher said that everything is “all good” between him and Demi Moore, and that he’s stayed in touch with Moore’s three children, whom she shares with ex-husband Bruce Willis. Kutcher said while he’d never force Moore’s kids to interact with him, “they all do and it’s great.”

Moore expressed a similar sentiment in 2019, describing her relationship with Kutcher as friendly, even though they don’t “hang out” together. When Moore’s memoir was released in that same year, sources reported that its contents did not disrupt Kutcher and Mila Kunis’ solid marriage.

Speaking of Kunis, she and Moore starred in an AT&T commercial that aired during the 2022 Super Bowl, with Kunis commenting that she has “a lot in common” with Moore. With Moore on amicable terms with both Kutcher and Kunis, it seems that all is well in their small circle.