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What Kate Middleton's Zodiac Sign Reveals About Her Personality

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Kate Middleton, AKA the Duchess of Cambridge, was born on January 9, making her a Capricorn. This zodiac sign is extremely fitting for the royal, as Capricorns are known to be very ambitious and career-oriented, which Middleton embodied even before she joined the royal family.

Kate has many duties to dedicate herself to, such as making appearances, giving speeches, and supporting various charities and organizations. Before marrying Prince William, Kate worked for her family business, Party Pieces, before becoming an accessories buyer for a fashion label called Jigsaw.

Capricorns are also very supportive parents to their children, as explained by Romper. Whether it's taking her children to the National History Museum, visiting them at school, or doing a Christmas card photoshoot as a family, Kate is a very hands-on and giving mother, as shown by outlets like Vogue France.

Prince William, meanwhile, is a Cancer, and Bustle explains that when a Capricorn and Cancer date one another, the result is a union "that's sweet, sincere, and enduring." The royal couple have now been married for over 10 years, so maybe there is something to the idea of fate being written in the stars.