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What May Happen To Matthew Perry's Staggering Fortune Revealed
Matthew Perry was worth $120 million at the time of his death. Since the “Friends” actor never married or had any kids, the distribution of his fortune has been under speculation.
In an exclusive conversation with Nicki Swift, attorney Arash Sadat discussed the three possible ways in which the late actor’s remaining wealth and assets could be distributed.
According to Sadat, if Perry “had a trust, then his assets would be distributed per the terms of his trust and without the need for approval or oversight in probate court.”
However, if Perry had a will in place with listed beneficiaries, they would have to “file a petition in probate court to have his estate distributed per the terms of the will.”
Lastly, Sadat explained that “the process would be similar if he had no trust and no will, except that his assets would go to his closest living relatives—in this case, his parents.”