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Why You Don't Hear Much From Charlie Sheen Anymore
Working With Sheen
While Charlie Sheen started filming "Two and a Half Men" when he was two years sober, things went awry after Denise Richards filed for divorce in 2005.
According to his co-star Jon Cryer, Sheen was already a lot to handle. Warner Bros., too, alleged that "his conduct and condition created substantial tensions on the set."
Getting Fired By WB
Sheen's reputation was further tarnished when Warner Bros. officially fired him in March 2011 and penned a very long, very detailed explanation as to why.
It included examples of Sheen's problematic behavior, including his tirades against Chuck Lorre, his refusal to enter rehab, and his 2009 arrest on suspicion
of domestic violence.
Battling Inner Demons
While most celebs try to keep their battle with addiction under wraps, Sheen constantly made news with mysterious hospitalizations.
He was also charged with assaulting several of his romantic partners over the years, which tarnished his character and public image beyond recognition.
Causing On-set Drama
Sheen made a comeback in 2012 with "Anger Management;" however, the actor's public dismissal of co-star Selma Blair didn’t really help his image.
Sheen only sparked more drama when he complained about guest star Lindsay Lohan and criticized her for being late to set when he himself halted filming numerous times.
Returning To Work
Lorre actually gave Sheen the opportunity to come back to "Two and a Half Men." He wanted Sheen to appear in the last and final scene.
Lorre wanted Sheen to tell the viewers he was "a ninja warrior from Mars" and go on a tirade. "We thought it was funny —
he didn't," Lorre wrote.