Arnold Schwarzenegger May Have Been Responsible For A Four-Car Pile Up. Here's What We Know

Former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger was involved in a multi-car accident on Friday, January 21 in Los Angeles. The accident involved a red Toyota Prius, Schwarzenegger's GMC Yukon SUV, and a Porsche Taycan. There was reportedly another car involved in the pile-up, though no information has been released on the vehicle, per CNN. While Schwarzenegger walked away unharmed, the woman in the Prius is said to have been sent to the hospital with a head injury, per TMZ.

The car accident happened at around 4:30 p.m. on West Sunset Boulevard and Allenford Avenue, the Los Angeles Police Department said, per CNN — the collision occurred when Schwarzenegger's car was at the intersection. Schwarzenegger continued through a red, left turn signal while the red Prius was making a U-turn. His SUV rolled on top of the Prius, hitting two other cars in the process, per the BBC.

While the woman driving the Prius was taken to the hospital, her injuries are reportedly non-life-threatening. Schwarzenegger – unharmed — stayed at the scene following the crash. As police continue to look into what caused the collision, could Schwarzenegger be found responsible?

No one involved in the accident has been found at fault yet

After Arnold Schwarzenegger's car accident, the 74-year-old actor and former politician stayed on the scene with officials, per the BBC. As the aftermath of the collision unfolded, no arrests or tickets were made, and police did rule out the possibility that drugs and alcohol were involved. After the crash, sources revealed to TMZ that Schwarzenegger was deeply concerned about the woman who was injured and had intentions to personally check up on her.

As of publication, authorities are conducting a full investigation of the car accident. While no one has been found at fault yet, a source close with law enforcement told the Daily Mail that the collision could be because of Schwarzenegger, as his left-turn signal was red when he made the turn, resulting in him crashing into the Prius. Another source said they do believe the accident was Schwarzenegger's fault, though no information regarding whether law enforcement officials plan to ticket or arrest Schwarzenegger has been released, according to TMZ.