Love Is Blind's Nick Thompson And Danielle Ruhl Open Up About Their Divorce

Nick Thompson and Danielle Ruhl proved the conceit of "Love is Blind" was true, if not everlasting. The couple met on Season 2 of the hit Netflix series, and tied the knot on the show. Even though they were husband and wife, meeting on the reality show had fast-tracked their relationship, so they were forced to backtrack on a few steps of a typical dating routine. "We were like, we're married, but we should also learn how to date and go through the processes," Ruhl told Bustle in February.

Part of that process involved going to couples therapy together, as the pair revealed they had been doing since filming on "Love is Blind" wrapped up. "We've put frameworks in place for communication," Thompson told People in March. One aspect that was missing from their ready-made marriage was knowing each other's "love language," according to Ruhl. "Learning that in such a short period of time is very difficult and takes a lot of patience, love and understanding from both sides," she said. The reality TV personality also mentioned that it was important to realize how their marriage was not on the precipice of ruin just because of "one argument." 

Perhaps it did not happen over a single disagreement, but the pair decided to call it quits and filed for divorce on August 15, per E! News. Just over a month later, Thompson and Ruhl publicly discussed their break-up.

Nick Thompson appeared to take their divorce the hardest

Both Nick Thompson and Danielle Ruhl took to Instagram on September 21 to address their divorce. Ruhl was the first to post, as she mentioned the "whirlwind" experience of meeting her husband on "Love is Blind," and addressed why she did not immediately release a statement following their split. "It has taken some time to publicly speak about my marriage ending, as emotions are still raw," she wrote. The Netflix reality star also hinted that the couple were perhaps not one hundred percent comfortable with each other. "I've also learned to love myself and to prioritize surrounding myself with those who love me for who I am," Ruhl added. Although she had nothing but kinds words for her ex.

A couple hours later, Thompson released his own lengthy statement on Instagram, as he seemed to take the divorce harder than Ruhl. "The last few weeks have been especially challenging for me," he wrote. "Like many of us going through a loss or life-altering event, we experience cycles of grief while we navigate our emotions," Thompson added. The "Love is Blind" alum mentioned how breaking up publicly made the experience that much more grueling.

Followers were quick to offer supportive words to the former couple. "[Y]ou're one of the strongest women i know," fellow "Love is Blind" alum Natalie Mina Lee wrote on Ruhl's post. While fans showed appreciation for Thompson's heartfelt statement. "Thanks for being so vulnerable. It's never easy going through a loss as major as a marriage," one wrote.