Church Insider Claims Scientology Will Go To Extreme Lengths For Tom Cruise

Even though Tom Cruise is considered one of the biggest names in the entertainment industry, a lot about his personal life seems to be shrouded in secrecy. While there are a lot of supposedly disturbing things that fans ignore about Cruise's life today, it's Cruise's super secretive love life that a lot of people seem to be most interested in. Back in July 2021, Page Six reported that the Hollywood star was getting rather cozy with his "Mission Impossible 7" co-star Hayley Atwell. One source close to the situation told The Sun that the two hit it off instantly and that despite the COVID-19 lockdown, it "brought them even closer and they've become fairly inseparable." Not much has been said about their romance since, but Hollywood Life did hint that their relationship might have taken a downturn this past summer.

But it's another one of Cruise's relationships in which his fans seem to be keenly interested: Scientology. As a matter of fact, one insider claims that the church goes to extreme lengths for the Hollywood star in a way that is quite surprising. 

The Church of Scientology negotiated Tom Cruise's divorce

Apparently, the higher-ups in the Church of Scientology are willing to go to great lengths for Tom Cruise — so much so that they even do some of the more difficult, if not awkward, things in his personal life. Author Mike Rinder, who has a new book called "A Billion Years: My Escape From A Life In The Highest Ranks Of Scientology," wrote (via Page Six) that while Cruise was getting up close and personal with his "Days of Thunder" co-star Nicole Kidman in 1990, he was still married to his first wife, Mimi Rogers. Rather than pull the plug on his marriage himself, church leader David Miscavige did it for him.

Along with lieutenant Greg Wilhere, Miscavige helped make Kidman the actor's second wife. Apparently, it was Wilhere's job to negotiate a divorce from Rogers just so Cruise could pursue his new relationship with Kidman — something Rinder noted "would never have happened with a normal Scientologist." Cruise might have been too riled up to even notice, though, as he told Entertainment Weekly that he felt "pure lust" when he first met Kidman, adding, "It was totally physical."

While a spokesperson for the church called the claim "utterly ludicrous," the book also suggests that Scientology leaders spied on Kidman by tapping her phone, per the Daily Mail. Well, fans certainly know how that all turned out, as Kidman and Cruise's own marriage abruptly ended in 2001. Cruise's dalliance withe church, however, is still going strong.