Edie Falco Confirms What We Suspected About Pete Davidson's Appeal

Ever since Kim Kardashian said that Pete Davidson had that BDE, fans have been dying to know — is it true? Luckily for them, Edie Falco is laying it all out on the table and spilling the tea on Pete Davidson's appeal.

Falco and Davidson are working together on his latest venture, a comedy series about Davidson's life, titled "Bupkis," per Page Six. The series, set to air on Peacock or Amazon Prime Video, stars Davidson as himself and Falco playing his mom. "Bupkis" is reportedly supposed to showcase Davidson's life in an unfiltered way and through his own perspective, per Deadline.

While "Bupkis" doesn't have a release date set, given the news surrounding Davidson as of late — mainly, his relationship with Kim Kardashian, subsequent breakup, and turmoil with Kanye West — it's no surprise that fans are dying to know more about the show and Davidson. And you know what moms are for! Even though Falco may only star as Davidson's on-screen mom, during a recent event, Falco couldn't help but gush about the "Saturday Night Live" star.

Edie Falco isn't shocked Pete Davidson gets all the ladies

It seems Kim Kardashian wasn't lying; Pete Davidson is just as great as everyone says he is! And his on-screen mom, Edie Falco, is here to prove it. During a recent red carpet appearance, Falco explained to the press that everyone falls in love with Davidson once they meet him — and it's impossible not to. "There is something so endearingly vulnerable and out there [about him]. He doesn't play games. He doesn't try to keep up an image beyond what he cops to," Falco said, per Page Six. "He's absolutely lovable. The second you meet him, you just want to hug him."

It's those personality traits that Falco says are what allowed Davidson to step out with Kim Kardashian, Kaia Gerber, and Ariana Grande, among other celebrities he's dated, per Us Weekly. "He's as genuine a person as I've come across in a long time," Falco said. "You kind of fall in love with him the second you meet him." Although most of us won't be meeting Davidson anytime soon, maybe the same will be true — and we will all fall in love — when seeing Davidson play himself in "Bupkis."