Here's How Much Emma Chamberlain Is Really Worth

Emma Chamberlain is a social media influencer, podcast host, and business owner with a net worth of $12 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Her YouTube videos showcase her down-to-earth personality and incredible fashion sense, and it seems that these characteristics have helped her become a millionaire. Many aspiring influencers set out to land massive brand deals and sponsorships, but few have been as successful as Emma Chamberlain.

The social media star is so famous that she's managed to blur the lines between influencer and A-lister. How many YouTubers can say they've graced the cover of Vogue, or worked with Louis Vuitton? Not many. So, what sets Chamberlain apart from the competition? Perhaps it's her strategic business moves. If you're a fan of the influencer, you probably know that she seems to always be working on her next project. Whether it's her podcast or her coffee company, Chamberlain knows how to make money.

The influencer has become less active on YouTube in recent years, and it seems she has shifted her focus to her other money-making business ventures. Chamberlain even spoke to Vogue about leaving the internet altogether one day, but she shared that her love for connecting with her fans is keeping her around for now.

A lot of work has gone into Emma Chamberlain's impressive career, so keep reading to find out how much she's really worth.

Emma Chamberlain didn't come from money

Some YouTube stars' careers skyrocket because they were born filthy rich, but this wasn't the case for Emma Chamberlain. Her growth was organic and arguably well deserved. The social media star is a California native who grew up in San Francisco, per Forbes. Both of her parents worked hard to support the family but money was sometimes tight. "There were times when we couldn't even go to the movies, when I was a kid, because there wasn't enough money," Chamberlain told Forbes. Chamberlain's YouTube channel helped her live a lifestyle that was once foreign to her. "I've always been the one who struggled financially," she continued. "So now it's so cool that I can make my own money and do whatever I want with it."

The YouTuber's early years were a bit rocky not only because of her family's finances. but also because she didn't enjoy high school. The influencer opened up to The New York Times about how she didn't click with her peers. She shared that they took things for granted. "Not only things like money, but also, like, morals," Chamberlain told the newspaper. It was the star's father, Michael John Chamberlain, who indirectly inspired her to start a YouTube channel by encouraging her to find an outlet for her frustration, as he told The New York Times.

Her YouTube channel made her a millionaire

Emma Chamberlain created her YouTube channel in 2016, but it wasn't until the summer of 2017 that her content gained momentum, per Celebrity Net Worth. The influencer took a while to find her footing on the platform. According to Forbes, Chamberlain's early videos documented DIY projects that didn't get much attention on YouTube. "I don't know how to do crafts!," she told the magazine. "I don't know what I was thinking. I was honestly just trying to imitate what was popular at the time. But doing that didn't get me anywhere and the second I started doing things that were more me, it was like 'Yeah!'"

The virality of Chamberlain's first video, titled "We All Owe The Dollar Store An Apology," caused her to change her content to something that was more authentic to her. You may remember that the star's early videos showcased her personality and a hilarious editing style that went on to set a new standard on YouTube. Chamberlain talked about her extensive editing sessions while speaking with The New York Times in 2019. "I have this weird mind-set where it's me quickly analyzing every five seconds, 'Is this boring, is this stupid, can I cut this? Yes. No. Yes. No. Yes. No,'" she explained. 

The influencer has since abandoned this editing style but her videos still garner millions of videos. The 2019 article by The New York Times reported that Chamberlain made anywhere from $120,000 to $2 million annually from her YouTube videos alone.

The vlogger makes money from brand deals and sponsorships

Along with ad revenue from her YouTube videos, Emma Chamberlain monetizes her social media platforms through sponsorships and brand deals. One of her earliest business relationships was with the shopping app Dote. The Influencer even released her own fashion line with the brand called High Key by Emma Chamberlain, per Bustle. The line was inspired by Chamberlain's authenticity. The vlogger spoke to BusinessWire about how she came up with the name. "My approach to fashion inspired the name — wearing unique clothes that I love, dressing without fear and, of course, it gives nod to my unfiltered ways," she said.

One of the YouTuber's most impressive brand partnerships is her long-standing relationship with Louis Vuitton. Along with TikTok star Charli D'Amelio, Chamberlain was a brand ambassador for the company's LV Squad and LV Sunset sneakers campaign. She later became a brand ambassador for Cartier and often wears the brand's high-end jewelry on red carpets. You can find her promoting the brand on Instagram. Chamberlain also launched an eyewear line with Crap Eyewear in 2019, and this collaboration made perfect sense considering the star's Instagram documents her sunglasses obsession. It's clear that the Influencer is a prominent name in the fashion industry. This aligns with her goal of branching out beyond being a YouTuber. She told Refinery29: "I want to continue doing YouTube but also branch out and do other things simultaneously."

She has had two podcasts

Like many YouTubers, Emma Chamberlain delved into the podcast space after finding success as a vlogger. Her first podcast, "Stupid Genius," was built on an interesting and unexpected concept. On each episode, Chamberlain asked a question and went on to develop three possible answers. According to Tube Filter, one episode, in particular, aimed to find an answer to the question: "Why do our stomachs rumble when we're hungry?" Chamberlain eventually abandoned this podcast. She spoke about why she made the decision in a since-deleted YouTube video. "I'm kinda changing up my podcast a little and I haven't mentioned that yet," the social media star revealed in the clip (via Tube Filter). "I had a podcast for a while there called 'Stupid Genius,' and I feel like I kinda needed an upgrade. I like podcasting, but 'Stupid Genius' — I feel like I kind of outgrew it in a sense. So I'm gonna be starting a new podcast with a different name and all that."

After scrapping "Stupid Genius," Chamberlain went on to launch "Anything Goes," a podcast that covers a variety of topics. The "Anything Goes" Apple Podcast description reads in part: "Emma prefers to share her thoughts with a microphone rather than a physical human being, so thank god she has a podcast. Recorded from the comfort of her bed, Emma talks at length about whatever is on her mind every week." If you've ever listened to "Anything Goes," you know this is an accurate summary of the laid-back yet engaging podcast.

Emma Chamberlain owns a coffee business

Emma Chamberlain is known for her love of coffee, so her decision to start her own coffee line made perfect sense. The influencer launched her business, Chamberlain Coffee, in 2019 and has continued to expand her line of products over the years. Chamberlain Coffee sets itself apart from the competition with its unique coffee and matcha kits. Chamberlain spoke about how she came up with the idea of starting her own coffee company during an interview with Refinery29. She revealed that she's been a coffee enthusiast since childhood, and her team decided to turn this passion into a business. "My team and I wanted to turn that into something, especially since it was such a big part of my brand on the internet," she explained. "We were like, 'Emma, you're passionate about this, we think this could work. We have the time to create this company, let's do it,' and they knew that from day one, that was my dream."

It appears that Chamberlain Coffee has already proven to be incredibly profitable because the New York Post reported that the company received $7 million from investors in August 2022. The company's CEO, Christopher Gallant, knows a thing or two about making money considering he was previously an executive at Red Bull. He said in a statement: "In finding a group of investors for the brand who believe in and share our vision, we know Chamberlain Coffee will reach new heights and become the go-to coffee brand of this generation" (via New York Post).

She became a homeowner at 18

You may be wondering what Emma Chamberlain spends her money on given her hefty net worth. Some of her most expensive purchases have been her real estate properties. In fact, Chamberlain dropped $3.9 million on her first home at only 18 years old, per Dirt. The wealthy influencer reportedly bought the four-bedroom home from Andrew Modlin, who co-founded cannabis company MedMen. If you're a fan of Chamberlain, you're probably very familiar with the layout of the modern West Hollywood-based house because it was the backdrop for many of her older YouTube videos.

The star decided it was time for an upgrade just a year later when she listed the home for sale for $5.26 million, per Vogue. Chamberlain explained in a YouTube video that she decided to sell the home and relocate because she wasn't happy with its location. The West Hollywood home was in a heavily populated area and she wanted something more relaxed. Dirt reported that Chamberlain's new Beverly Hills home is tucked away and likely a lot more peaceful. The star purchased this five-bedroom mansion for $4.3 million. It is quite different from the social media star's previous home because it's far less modern, but she mentions in her YouTube video that she had the interior renovated before moving in.

Emma Chamberlain splurges on her favorite products

Emma Chamberlain's YouTube videos give viewers a peek into how she spends her earnings. The star's vlogs show that she often spends her mornings trying out newly-purchased skincare products. She also frequently promotes items from Bad Habit Beauty, a skincare line where she works as a global ambassador and creative director. She spoke to Bustle about one of her favorite products from the company, "Anything that'll bring moisture back to my skin, I'm like, 'Give it to me,'" Chamberlain said. "I've been using a lot of eye cream not just in the morning and night but also throughout the day. I use the Bad Habit Eye Cream, and I'm going to use the whole bottle in a week."

The YouTuber also splurges on fashion staples like $200 Dr. Martens and $145 reading glasses from Warby Parker, according to her interview with The Strategist. She also told the outlet that Levi's are her go-to jeans. "Growing up, my dad wore Levi's. I don't always take his advice, but when I do, it's never a mistake," she shared. "Nothing fits me or hugs my body better than 501s. My dad inspired me to get into 501s and then vintage jeans, to the point that I became a denim collector. I mainly collect vintage Levi's and probably have 50 pairs. Each one is so unique." These $40 jeans aren't a major splurge, so it's nice to see that Chamberlain still appreciates affordability.