Times Kanye Spent Way Too Much Money On Dumb Things

So Kanye reckons he's $53 million in debt. And while most people might find that surprising, what with all the number one albums and fashion labels and so on, when you look at the stuff he buys, it's actually not that hard to believe. Here are a few dumb things Kanye shouldn't have spent his money on.

Celeb stylez

Don't you just love the feeling of a fresh haircut? Well Kanye sure must, because he had one every day while he was on tour with Rihanna in 2010—and you know he wasn't paying $15 a cut. The weirdest thing about this is it's not like he has a complicated haircut, it's always just really, really, short. He could've done it himself in the bathroom in the morning, but instead, according to Rihanna's dad, he paid a guy $500 a day to cut an infinitesimal amount of hair off...that is unless his hair grows faster than his ego.

Movie night

Admit it, movie theaters are a total drag. There are the lines to buy tickets, the lines to buy popcorn, the popcorn, the greasy carpets, the greasy heads blocking your view of the screen, the list goes on—unless you're Kanye. Because when Kanye and Kim bought a new pad in the Hidden Hills in California, they had a new $35,000 entertainment system installed that allows them to rent the new releases while they are still in theaters. But, at $500 a showing, the ticket price is a little steep.

Father's Day death metaphor

Everyone should have a friend like Kanye. On the occasion of Jay-Z's first Father's Day in 2012, Kanye got him a "little" gift in the form of a 24 carat gold skull encrusted with red topaz stones that cost a reported $34,000. Why Kanye thought a bejeweled skull was a good image for Father's Day is anyone's guess, but at least he tried.

Baby bling

Okay, we get it, Kanye loves his daughter, but that really shouldn't be a surprise. What is a surprise is that at 18 months she has an impressively refined taste in jewelry and can tell the difference between real diamonds and plastic ones—because that's the only possible excuse for buying her a $62,000 diamond tiara for Christmas in 2014. Every other kid at her kindergarten would probably be overjoyed at the sparkly plastic angel bling they got for the Lord's birthday, but not North apparently. In truth, when she said "diamond tiara" to Kanye during that conversation about Christmas, she was probably talking about a new name.

Art on the go

Another conversation Kanye probably wasn't paying attention to was the one about North leaving greasy hand prints on Kim's expensive handbags. And Kanye, being a creative kind of guy, came up with a great idea for a present. First, buy a $100,000 Hermes Birkin handbag—then get your child to put colorful handprints all over it. It actually is genius though if you think about it. Kim is probably the only one who actually likes their child's smeared handprint "art," so by having North do it directly on a handbag Kanye is guaranteeing he won't be staring at it on the fridge for the next four years.

Watch this face

Everyone knows Kanye loves Kanye, but perhaps he doesn't know that everyone knows. Because when Kanye decided he needed a new watch, he didn't buy a hideously expensive Rolex, or even two hideously expensive Rolexes, but instead commissioned the Swiss luxury watchmaker Tiret to make him something special. And special it was, because the watch he received was gold, and it was shiny, and it had lots of diamonds all over it. So far so Kanye. But the best part is the portrait on the face picked out in diamonds. But whose face is it? Who does Kanye want to look at every time he checks the time? It's not Kim, it's not his mother, or even his child—it's Kanye. Of course it's Kanye. It could only have been Kanye, because Kanye loves Kanye.

Push presents

Like any new father Kanye was a happy man when his first child was born, so much so in fact that according to The Sun he gave Kim a "push present" to celebrate. Push presents are becoming more popular in the U.S., and since Kanye never misses a chance to spend money on Kim, he didn't pass up this one—forking out $770,000 for a rare tiger stripe diamond ring.

A Prombron Iron Diamond

Most couples with a new baby face this decision sooner or later: struggle with a new baby and the small vehicle they have enjoyed so far, or give up all remaining dignity and buy a minivan. And since having a child pretty much precludes dignity anyway, most couples go with a minivan. But not if you're Kanye. Kanye and Kim are not only new parents, but high profile celebrity parents with an almost unlimited budget for pandering to their baby brained paranoias. Which means that as far as Kanye's concerned, their baby isn't safe unless it's safe from landmines. Enter the Prombron Iron Diamond, an armored car capable of surviving landmines and rocket attacks, but marketed towards the celebrity mother and costing $800,000. But that's not all, according to the Latvian manufacturer's website, the Iron Diamond comes with misogyny standard—"Specially for ladies was created a 360 easy parking video system."

Fast romance

According to the Daily Star, Kanye went way outside the box when he chose Kim's wedding present—but that's no surprise, as far as most of the world is concerned Kanye was born outside the box. This time however, he went so far outside the box he found his way into an entirely different box—and it says Burger King on it. Kanye reportedly paid $7.5 million for 10 European Burger King franchises as a wedding present...because nothing says romance like two buns, a piece of meat, and some special sauce.