The One Co-Star Zoë Saldaña Couldn't Get Enough Of Kissing

Unlike the many short-lived failed marriages in Hollywood, Zoë Saldaña and her husband, Marco Perego Saldana, are examples that long-time love is still possible. The two wed in June 2013 and aren't shy about showing off their appeal for one another. They were spotted in March 2022 sharing a passionate kiss while at a restaurant with their three children, the Daily Mail reported. Although Saldaña has been exchanging smooches with her husband at red-carpet premieres for the past decade, her romantic past comes with its fair share of ups and downs.

Saldaña was previously engaged to actor Keith Britton before meeting her now-husband; she also dated her former co-star, Bradley Cooper. The actors were spotted appearing notably blissful on set while filming the romantic scenes in "The Words" in 2011. As filming furthered, outlets started sharing proof of the two getting intimate — and by the time of the film's promotion, Saldaña and Cooper could no longer restrict their romance to being just on-screen.

Saldaña and Cooper's on-screen chemistry was undeniable

Zoë Saldaña and Bradley Cooper's undeniable on-camera chemistry was the saving grace of the romantic drama, "The Words." Although the production team worked in odd conditions — including minimal funding and a quick filming timeline — Saldaña and Cooper overcame them with their obvious bond, producer Tatiana Kelly told The Hollywood Reporter. Kelly explained: "Everybody was kind of thrown into this because it's a 25-day shoot ... It is such an intense pressurized situation. We were so thankful that everybody across the board was able to have that kind of chemistry. I think it's so believable."

Saldaña also opened up with The Hollywood Reporter about why she thinks chemistry between actors is so crucial in a romantic narrative. "I've always said that when you watch movies and a love story falls short of what you wanted it to be, as an actor, as a person who works in films, you know that 90% of the time it didn't work is because there was no chemistry, they didn't work out a friendship, they didn't feel safe around each other, they weren't communicating properly."

As Saldaña and Cooper started filming "The Words" together in 2011, romantic tension continued between them, escalating to a real-life relationship. Not long afterward, Saldaña ended her 11-year relationship with her prior fiance, per E! News.

They dated for nearly one year

Zoë Saldaña and Bradley Cooper apparently didn't get enough lip-locking while filming "The Words." Their on-screen bond was evident, as sparks practically flew out of television screens. To no one's surprise, Saldaña and Cooper started exclusively dating in December 2011, shortly after Saldaña called it quits with her longtime fiance, Keith Britton, according to PopSugar.

Saldaña and Cooper seemed to be perfect lovers at the time. The two couldn't keep their hands off each other while promoting "The Words" released in September 2012. Not to mention, they were spotted "passionately kissing" at sports outings, per the Daily News. That same month, Saldaña opened up to The Hollywood Reporter about what it was like working with Cooper. "Bradley is a very dedicated and open professional," she told the publication. She also touched on the chemistry they had while filming, adding: "We didn't care where the camera was. It was just like we were both part of this extensive conversation."

However, their relationship fizzled out after about one year. Us Weekly reports that Saldaña and Cooper took a break in March 2012 before officially calling it quits in January 2013. But unlike most exes, the two seemed to have a respectable work relationship nearly a decade after ending things, as Saldaña and Cooper are also "Guardians of the Galaxy" co-stars.

Saldaña and Cooper are still acting together

Zoë Saldaña has made it clear her priority isn't to stay friends with her exes. In 2014, she told Maire Claire, "I have been in relationships where a man has disrespected me, and I don't need to be friends with that man anymore. There's a reason why you're called an ex. I crossed you off my list. Moving on." The "Avatar" star didn't drop names during the interview. But considering Saldaña and Bradley Cooper currently work together as Marvel castmates, she likely wasn't referring to him.

Since ending things romantically, Saldaña and Cooper have starred in three "Guardians of the Galaxy" films together, demonstrating they're at least on good enough terms to be on the same team and attend press outings together. In 2014, the two started filming the Marvel movie collection, in which Saldaña plays Gamora and Cooper voices the fan-favored Rocket Raccoon. "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3," starring the two exes, will hit cinemas in May 2023, reports Collider.