All The Snake References In Taylor Swift's 'End Game' Video

The former country crooner just dropped the music video for her single "End Game," and, boy, were there enough easter eggs to satisfy even the most die-hard Swiftie.

Featuring track collaborators Ed Sheeran and Future, the music video shows Taylor Swift and her friends living their best lives in Miami, Tokyo, and London. And, while viewers may have been distracted by Swift's hard partying, they might have missed all the snake references present throughout the song's visuals.

Given that Swift has her own supply of snake-themed jewelry on her official store page, it should come as no surprise that the singer has embraced similar accessories as part of her video wardrobe. In one scene of the video, Swift, presumably in a Miami hotel hallway, rocks large dangling earrings that appear to feature silver snakes wrapped around black stones. And, though it's hard to get a clear look at her hands in the fast-paced video, it seems pretty darn likely that Swift sports a snake ring in at least one scene — just like she did in her "Look What You Made Me Do" video.

Later, while partying at a karaoke bar in Tokyo with Sheeran, snake-shaped straws litter the drinks on the table. It's a blink-and-you'll-miss-it shot, but it's just enough to make eagle-eyed fans scream with excitement. After all, who doesn't love it when their favorite celebrity is just a little bit extra?

Swift also dons a snakeskin bodysuit as she rides through the streets of Tokyo. And, as one Twitter user pointed out, the look is awfully similar to an outfit makeup artist and vlogger Jeffree Star wore in a September 2017 Twitter photo, in which he seemingly shaded the singer by saying he was "wearing Taylor Swift's skin." Looks like Swift never forgets a diss.

The final snake easter egg in the "End Game" video comes near the three-minute mark. Sitting on top of a bar, Swift plays the game "Snake" on a handheld console while a pal feeds her drinks. It's not a subtle detail, but it makes a statement. If Kim Kardashian wants to call her a snake, she'll play the game — and she just might win it.

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