BravoCon 2022: 10 Messiest Moments

BravoCon 2022 might have been one of the most outrageous events of the year. The sold out convention took place in New York from October 14th to the 16th and featured panels with all of our favorite Bravo stars. "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" were well represented, with Teresa and Gia Giudice present, as well as Joe and Melissa Gorga; the two groups were feuding so much that Andy Cohen had to host separate panels for the "Ask Andy" panels. While the two fighting groups blamed each other, Cohen said that they were also responsible.

Per a reporter from The List, Cohen said: "We want this to be entertaining for everyone, and also, we're on the precipice of a really great season of 'New Jersey' airing, okay?" He went on, "They're in a really kind of limbo-y place where if you bring them all out together ... they're in a different place than they were the last time we saw them all as a group, and I think it's better to let [all the drama] show live on air." All reporting in this feature comes from The List.

While there was drama amongst the panelists, the convention itself was chaotic. "BravoCon is the new Fyre Festival," one participant tweeted, referring to the flopped music festival. "Waiting hours in lines for panels only for there to be stampedes in, no chairs, people camping out all day to not let others in, no use of the RFID bands. It's a s**t show." Of course, in some ways, this chaos only added to the messy appeal of BravoCon 2022.

The RHONJ cast got seriously messy at BravoCon 2022

The award for messiest moments of BravoCon was definitely given to "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" cast. Teresa Giudice, on the panel "Jersey Ladies & Their Men," made it very clear that she's harboring a resentment because her brother, Joe Gorga, and his wife, Melissa Gorga, didn't attend her August 2022 wedding to Luis Ruelas. According to a reporter from The List, Teresa said: "I was really hurt ... He's my only family." Teresa then blamed Melissa for a lot of the drama. "That's what happened to our family. Fame and money, unfortunately, ruined our family."

Joe made his own comments about his sister's marriage to Ruelas. When Andy Cohen enlisted Joe and Melissa in a game of Truth or Drink at BravoCon, per a reporter for The List, Cohen asked: "What do you think will last longer: Joe's stand-up career or Luis & Teresa's marriage?" Melissa drank, but Joe said, "My stand-up career, baby!" Yikes!

Things got really out of hand when Jennifer Aydin, taking Giudice's side, threw a drink in Joe's face in the lobby of the convention's hotel. Footage spread like wildfire on Twitter, with fans claiming that Aydin called Joe "Popeye." Joe looked taken-aback in the footage and shook off the drink after Aydin walked away. We know we can count on "RHONJ" to bring the fighting spirit!

Bravo romances in the air

We learned about some new and very exciting potential relationships between Bravo stars at BravoCon 2022, and we love the idea that many of these romantic interests are crossovers between Bravo shows. Kathryn Dennis of "Southern Charm" got cozy with Jason Cameron of Bravo's "Winter House." According to a reporter from The List, Dennis canoodled with Cameron at the After Dark party and looked utterly infatuated. Dennis said, "He was very nice and told me he was going to slide into my DMs." Austen Kroll apparently witnessed the whole thing and speculated about Dennis and Cameron hooking up. He guessed they would.

Meanwhile, Ashley Darby of "The Real Housewives of Potomac" divorced from husband Michael Darby, according to Us Weekly, in April 2022, calling their marriage an "almost 8 magical years." However, at BravoCon, Ashley's budding relationship with Luke Gulbranson of "Summer House" became an audience obsession. When Darby was speaking about her divorce, the audience began chanting "Luke," according to a reporter from The List. Panelist Candiace Dillard-Bassett said to her, "We want Luke, Ashley!" Darby piped up, "I mean, I do too so it's good." She went on to say that she and Luke hung out at the After Dark party but wouldn't elaborate, despite fans' probing questions.

Bravo couple Craig Conover and Paige DeSorbo also answered fan questions about marriage. Conover said he's ready "whenever Paige is ready to say yes," per a reporter from The List, and stressed that "this is up to her." Looks like love is in the air.

Tamra Judge steals the show again and again

Tamra Judge was one of the unexpected heroes of BravoCon, thanks to her refreshing honesty and no-nonsense way of handling reality TV fame. On the "Oh Say Can You OC?" panel, Judge spoke about what it was like getting fired from "The Real Housewives of Orange County." As a reporter from The List states, Judge explained why she was fired. "Because I'm brutally honest," she said. "I was fired, like, I got that call while I was camping, and it said 'Listen, you know what, Bravo decided to go in a new direction' and I said, 'Okay f**k you.'"

However, producers ended up calling her back in, and Judge made it clear that this was good news to her. "Of course I wanted it!" she said at BravoCon. "I still don't know why I was fired!" But Judge also realizes how essential she is to the show. "I f**k s**t up," she said.

While everyone is delighted to have her back, Judge also got recognized at BravoCon for a very bizarre reason. She was voted the cast member with the worst language, due to her penchant for swearing and creative turns of phrase. She admitted that swearing is "my love language," per a reporter from The List. Judge also said, "You can call me b****, don't call me honey." Noted!

Super awkward moments

BravoCon 2022 was not without its awkward, cringe moments. There was the ultra-awkward moment involving Anila Sajja from "Married To Medicine," who faced controversy for hinting that her house burglary might have been done by Toya Bush-Harris. "I wasn't proud of people thinking that I accused Toya of robbing my house .... I never accused you ... I was grasping at straws," Sajja said at BravoCon, according to a reporter for The List. Quad Webb wasn't falling for it and said, "You would tell anybody with a pair of ears that you thought Toya had something to do with it." Sajja tried to backpedal by saying, "I never wanted to accuse [Bush-Harris] of actually physically robbing my home." However, every time she spoke, the audience booed at her loudly.

Things were super awkward for "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" cast too, especially when NeNe Leakes came up, who had a rift with Bravo. A reporter from The List noted that no one on the panel wanted to respond to questions about Leakes, but Kandi Burruss said that she had a different experience from that of Leakes during her years with Bravo. "Realistically, I don't agree ... Everybody can have their own opinion. I did not agree," Burruss said. "We hate that it turned out that way. We got love for her," she later said. It was like crickets chirping during those moments on the panel!

Shocking updates about future seasons

BravoCon 2022 gave us some very interesting information about the future of "Project Runway" Season 20. Host Elaine Welteroth told a reporter from The List that the upcoming season was going to be completely different from previous seasons. "This is an ALL-STARS SEASON ... And it's so good," she said. She said that several beloved designers would be returning and that the talent and creativity would be out of control. "You watch because you get a taste of that creative process," she went on. "Talent can come from literally anywhere."

During BravoCon, Andy Cohen also addressed questions about Dorinda Medley's tenure on "The Real Housewives of New York," according to a reporter for The List. At the "Ask Andy" panel, Cohen gave a very hopeful response: "Dorinda, your time is coming."

And speaking of "RHONY," producer Lisa Shannon dropped some info at BravoCon during the panel "The real tea with Bravo producers: Ultimate Girls Trip." She said that Season 14 is "fully cast," according to a reporter for The List, and that the future is looking "very bright." That certainly sounds promising in the arena of upcoming Bravo treasures.

The juiciest rumors and secrets

It wouldn't be BravoCon if we didn't get some leaked secrets and the chance to address a few rumors. Larsa Pippen of "The Real Housewives of Miami" addressed all of the buzz around the time she's spent with Michael Jordan's son, Marcus Jordan. On the "We're Going (Back) to Miami" panel, Pippen said of Jordan: "You guys got to understand I'm friends with a lot of people. I think sometimes if I go out with people I think it's magnified bigger than it actually is. We've been friends for three years or so and ... yeah." A reporter from The List noted, though, that Pippen seemed really "coy and uncomfortable" when she answered. Could her body language mean that there's more than she's letting on?

There was also the chance to clear up rumors about the time when Leah McSweeney threw elephant poop at the other women on the "Real Housewives: Ultimate Girls Trip," according to a reporter from The List. While many thought that this must surely be a fake story circulating, at BravoCon, producers confirmed that she did, in fact, do that, saying it "was all in good fun," and McSweeney's goal was to get the other gals "in on the party."

In another arena, Gizelle Bryant of "The Real Housewives of Potomac" used some air time to shut down rumors that she was dating Peter Thomas. "Absolutely not," she said on the panel "Potomac Takes Manhattan," per a reporter at The List. So that's that!

Who had sex where?

Sex is in the air at BravoCon, or at least, talking about all the fun, mischievous places Bravo stars have had romps in the hay. The panel "Right the Relationship" featured several of Bravo's biggest names, including: Anisha Ramakrishna, Austen Kroll, Vicki Gunvalson, Gary King, Golnesa Gharachedaghi, Brandi Glanville, and Heather Gay. According to a reporter from The List, the stars were asked to share some of the wildest, public places where they had gotten down. Glanville obviously has a kink for books, because she shared that she had done it in a library. Kroll shocked fans when he said that he had gotten busy in a porta-potty and alluded to the fact that his partner had been Madison LeCroy.

Gay's answer was perfect: she had gotten busy in a church parking lot. It happened in a car, to be fair. Her answer is all the more humorous considering that "The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City" star is a former Mormon, according to The Daily Beast. She said that she had married into "Mormon royalty" and they were married for 11 years before divorcing. Obviously, Gay is a long way away from that world, and as for her sexual tryst, hey, at least it happened at church!

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills were out of control

It seemed like everything involving "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" was off the hook at BravoCon 2022. For their "Thrills in Beverly Hills" panel on October 14, conference attendees went wild right before it started, according to People. Fans pushed through the lines and went running towards the stage, creating such mayhem that security almost had to cancel their panel. Granted, they were waiting for major names like Erika Girardi, Dorit Kemsley, Kyle Richards, Lisa Rinna, Garcelle Beauvais, Crystal Kung Minkoff, and Sutton Stracke.

However, things settled down and Bravo told People, "There was an issue where we failed to clear the room after one panel ended while the audience for the 'RHOBH' panel entered, causing an overcapacity issue. Security acted immediately to ensure safety for all present. We want to ensure that everyone has the weekend and great experience they came for." Once the panel kicked off, it didn't disappoint. Stracke let loose on her co-stars after Andy Cohen asked them, "Which one in your duo has let fame go to their head more?" according to a reporter for The List. "They're not here so I'm not going to speak about them," Stracke said and fans noticed that Diana Jenkins and Kathy Hilton were absent from the panel.

The biggest feuds

Obviously, some of the biggest feuds that aired at BravoCon 2022 were between Teresa Giudice and Joe and Melissa Gorga. But this was by no means the only one. Ciara Miller of "Summer House" addressed her relationship with Austen Kroll from "Southern Charm." She didn't hesitate when she said that it was "dead and gone," and added, "I think we put the nail in that coffin and it's underground," according to a reporter for The List. When asked if she had bumped into him at BravoCon 2022, she said, "Of course. I couldn't get out of it."

As for "The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City," Whitney Rose and Heather Gay got a chance to speak about their long-running rift. "We're not good," Gay said, according to a reporter for The List. "Why would we be good; you dumped me as a friend?" Lisa Barlow jumped in, possibly on Rose's behalf and said, "She just wants a different kind of friendship."

Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz also got the chance to speak about their divorce at BravoCon on the panel "Vanderpump Rules." Schwartz said that following the divorce, he had been through an "emotional rollercoaster" and said that he was "addicted to sadness," per a reporter from The List. Meanwhile, Maloney gave the reason why she announced their divorce publicly. "I just wanted to live in my truth," she said. Schwartz added a sweet note, saying: "I am the number one champion for Katie."

Why Vicki Gunvalson was so emotional at BravoCon

Vicki Gunvalson carried BravoCon 2022. The "The Real Housewives of Orange County" alum was slinging fire left, right, and center. On the panel "Right the Relationship," Gunvalson was asked who the most overrated housewife was and she threw Teresa Giudice under the bus, according to a reporter from The List. "I'm going to say Teresa [Giudice]. It's not that I don't like Teresa, I just think you do a bad thing and you go to jail, and you still carry on a TV show? I just can't believe it," she said.

Later, during the "Most Golden Moments Power House," a fan asked Gunvalson about her mother's death and she got emotional, per a reporter from The List. She said, "Cherish every day because in a moment they can be gone."

Then, Gunvalson came swinging for ex-fiance Steve Lodge. He has since gone on to marry Janis Carlson and Gunvalson said at BravoCon: "He is now cheating on his wife, I'm sure... And I have proof. A cheater's a cheater," per The List. In response to this, Tamra Judge asked what we were all thinking: "Is he cheating with you now?" Gunvalson was confused by this question. "What?? No," she said, adding, "I'm sure he's cheating and I have proof he is." Those are some intense accusations!