Jana Kramer Claims Mike Caussin Cheated On Her With A Stunning Amount Of Women

This article features descriptions of sex addiction.

"One Tree Hill" actress and country music singer Jana Kramer has shared more details about her ex-husband Mike Caussin's infidelity, and it sounds as though it was more extensive than many believed. Kramer filed for divorce from Caussin in 2021 partly because of his infidelity, and the couple's divorce was finalized later that year (via People).

Following her divorce from Caussin, Kramer has continued to express how Caussin's behavior during their marriage affected her. During an episode of her podcast, "Whine Down with Jana Kramer," she commented on singer Adam Levine's apology for being unfaithful to his wife, Behati Prinsloo. Kramer shared, "I am over the stuff that happened [to me], but it's still very triggering when something comes up" (via Us Weekly).

Now, Kramer will be appearing as a guest on the Facebook Watch series "Red Table Talk," and the claims she shares on the show are pretty stunning.

Jana Kramer claims Mike Caussin cheated with many women

During a preview for the October 19, 2022, episode of "Red Table Talk," Jana Kramer explained the extent of ex-husband Mike Caussin's infidelity (via Facebook). Kramer, who blinked away tears, was asked by host Jada Pinkett Smith, "So, over time, you found out he cheated with about 13 women?" In response to this, Kramer nodded and emphasized, "More." Later in the same clip from "Red Table Talk," Kramer began crying as she explained her children with Caussin would not be waking up at her house on Christmas Day, presumably due to custody arrangements between her and her ex-husband.

E! writes that Caussin has previously addressed his infidelity himself and that he has undergone treatment for sex addiction in the past. Additionally, Caussin and Kramer discussed Caussin's sex addiction on an episode of "Whine Down," according to a separate article from E!.

From the preview of the "Red Table Talk" episode, it is unclear if Kramer provides an exact number of women with whom she believes Caussin to have cheated on her.