The Tragic Death Of Mississippi State Football Player Sam Westmoreland

We've always got football on our minds. Not only is it one of the most entertaining sports in American culture, it's also fascinating for so many other reasons. Landing a spot in the NFL can mean major money, especially for big names like Joey Bosa, Matt Stafford, and DeAndre Hopkins. The NFL itself brings in an eye-watering sum of money. According to SportsNaut, the National Football League brought in $11 billion dollars in revenue in 2021.

While the NFL knows how to dazzle fans, it's not always without controversy. There's a whole list of celebrities who can't stand the NFL for a variety of reasons, from Donald Trump to Reverend Al Sharpton. On top of that, there are several cases where the NFL was busted for hiding secrets, including the many health issues that can hurt players later in life to shady team owners. But even smaller football leagues can have sad stories, like what happened to Mississippi State football star Sam Westmoreland. The young football player died on October 21. 

Sam Westmoreland died just before turning 19

Sam Westmoreland, an 18-year-old who was an offensive lineman for Mississippi State University's football team, died on October 21, according to TMZ. Sheriff's Captain Brett Watson told WTVA that they found Westmoreland at Blackjack Church in Starkville, Mississippi. The sheriff added that he does not suspect foul play as a cause of death; however, he has not elaborated on any other cause of death.

Coach Ty Hardin of Tupelo High School issued a statement indicating his heartbreak upon hearing of Westmoreland's death. "Sam was [a] fantastic young man, brother, son and teammate," Hardin said, according to WTVA. "He was a leader, and his positivity was like no other. His teammates and coaches viewed Sam as a ray of sunshine with a contagious smile. He was even voted a team captain his senior year. His leadership and impact on our program will be carried on forever."

Coach Mike Leach of Mississippi State University also issued a statement on Twitter. "The entire MSU mourns as our thoughts and prayers go out to the Westmoreland family," Leach wrote. As TMZ notes, Westmoreland died just two days before his 19th birthday.