What Bruno Mars Really Thought About Tyler, The Creator's Diss

Tyler, the Creator has stirred the pot with many celebrities due to controversial lyrics in his songs. Some of which have caused some beef between them. He's not the first person to diss another celebrity in his lyrics. Many singers have written tracks that have caused some trouble with other artists. Most famously would be Kanye "Ye" West dissing Taylor Swift on his track "Famous." Singers who choose to call out someone in their song open the door to starting a feud with the other celebrity. Whether that's the artist's intention or not it can stir up some trouble.

Since the beginning of his career, Tyler, the Creator has had no shame in calling out people, places, and things in his lyrics. On his 2015 track "Smuckers" (which featured Lil Wayne and the aforementioned West), the singer called out basketball star Tony Parker (via HotNewHipHop). Tyler, the Creator wrote, "Ye we hittin' models like Tony Parker be hittin' bottles." The rapper alluded to the time Parker had gotten hit by a bottle when he was caught up in a fight with Chris Brown and Drake. The rapper is not afraid to speak his mind, and he was sure to share some thoughts on one of the biggest R&B singers in the world. The rapper decided to dig at Bruno Mars in his 2011 track "Yonkers," which also happened to be the song that put the rapper on the map.

Bruno Mars wasn't surprised about Tyler, the Creator being a hater

In 2011, Tyler, the Creator decided to take a jab at R&B singer Bruno Mars on his debut album, "Goblin." In the single, "Yonkers", the rapper said he wanted to "stab Bruno Mars in his g*****n esophagus." Tyler, the Creator dropped the violent lyric without any real reasoning behind the diss. But, because the single blew up with fans, it eventually reached Mars himself. In an interview with Spin, Mars revealed what he thought about the diss.

Mars shared, "[Tyler] has to wait in line if he wants to stab me. [Tyler's] definitely not the first guy that's said something like that to me, and he's not going to be the last." The R&B singer had just recently blown up when Tyler, the Creator released the diss, but Mars alludes that this was nothing new to him. He told Spin, "That's what comin' up is. You pick up some fans and a handful of haters along the way." The singer essentially shrugged off the diss Tyler, the Creator made.

Successful artists are bound to receive hate from fans and maybe even other celebrities. Mars shared that he has had a handful of haters in his life, but when it comes to celebrities, many have shown nothing but respect to the singer. Ed Sheeran, Ariana Grande, and even Adele have praised the R&B singer (via The Things). So, it seems that Tyler, the Creator is one of the few who sees Mars in a different light.

Tyler, the Creator was upset about Bruno Mars' collaboration with B.o.B

When a singer disses another celebrity on a track, there is usually some reasoning behind it. According to Spin, Tyler, the Creator's jab at Bruno Mars seemed to be because he collaborated with B.o.B. Mars catapulted to success with "Nothin' on You," where he collaborated with the rapper. B.o.B was also dissed in "Yonkers" when Tyler, the Creator threatened to crash the airplane B.o.B was in — a nod to "Airplanes," which featured both B.o.B. and Hayley Williams.

Tyler, the Creator has continued to hate Mars throughout his career. The "Goblin" rapper who attended the 2011 MTV VMAs had to watch the R&B singer perform a tribute to the late singer, Amy Winehouse. According to PopCrush, Tyler, the Creator gave some credit to Mars for the performance but reiterated his hatred in a tweet. Tyler, the Creator wrote, "F— I Hate Bruno Mars But That Was Really Good."

As the year went on Tyler, the Creator continued to share his dislike towards Mars in press conferences and on Twitter. In 2015, the rapper jokingly apologized to the R&B singer in a tweet. Tyler, the Creator shared, ".@BrunoMars IM SORRY FORGIVE ME." Mars hasn't made any further comments on his situation with the rapper since the 2011 interview with Spin. For Mars, he continues to lay low and make music that people love ... just not Tyler, the Creator.